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A theory about ENTJ's Fi, and some questions.

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This is a discussion on A theory about ENTJ's Fi, and some questions. within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Promethea ... Typically being very assured in their logic and rationale, what could make an ENTJ question ...

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    ... Typically being very assured in their logic and rationale, what could make an ENTJ question opinions that were built in part by a wrong perception, and usage of Fi (which they are least developed in)?

    ENTJs, do you think that you do this? How do you develop your Fi to the point that you can make more accurate judgments with it? Are you willing to reassess your judgments when someone says that you have made incorrect judgments about them? Any thoughts and opinions even loosely related are welcome.
    I think the ability to see that your own opinion or judgment may flawed and realizing that the error in thinking stems from your own perceptions and judgments is something that develops over time.

    For me, Fi is the end test. Can I live with this decision? Does it feel right? I've always had the sense that once I've thought something through that I KNOW that I'm right (geez that sounds pompous) - but as I've gotten older, there is a caveat that creeps into my thinking ... but I could be wrong ... I've noticed that my Fi-filter has changed over time. There is still a strong degree of certainty to it, but it's not as rigid as it once was - it's just as strong, but more flexible.

    So it's changed from:
    Does it feel right? (to me) to

    Does it feel correct? (not only to me, but in the interaction between you and me)

    I'm much more open now to listening to the opinions and thoughts of people. In the past, I would have listened to them with the dismissive attitude in the back of my head that "even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while". Now, I am much more likely to try to find something in them or what they are saying that connects with me, and in finding that, I am more likely to value their input. Instead of just focusing in on what's important to me, I want to hear what's important to you - I might find something useful in it and I'm open to hearing it. I'm also much more likely to admit that I was wrong and then reassess my judgments. That little voice that says "but I could be wrong" is always there in the back of my head now.

    It's no longer about stubbornly having to be right. It's about being correct - finding a solution that benefits us both because that will help me make better decisions in the future.
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