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This is a discussion on ENTJ or something else within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Hello fellow ENTJs. I'm not really sure if I'm one of you or not, so I thought I'd register to ...

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    ENTJ or something else

    Hello fellow ENTJs. I'm not really sure if I'm one of you or not, so I thought I'd register to this forum and ask your help in figuring it out. Sorry for the long post but I wanted you to get a realistic enough picture of me.

    Over the years I've done Myers-Briggs net tests I've got rather consistent ENTJ result. Most of the commonly described features fit me well, but then there are those famous ones that seem almost foreign. Actually, first time I saw my result I almost chocked on my coffee and thought there must be some huge mistake. Someone then calmed me down by telling what kind of stuff ENTJs they know in real-life have in common (if I recall right they all dressed well, had started a business of their own and wrote for living) and I got over the initial Margaret Thatcher and Napoleon -shock. But lately I've stumpled upon stories about very harsh and emotionless ENTJs and started wondering this all over again.

    To break down each letter:

    Most of the time I love to have large social circles and hang out with different kinds of people, although some individuals feel energy consuming. Big groups are fun but deep and personal talks are the ones that really get me excited. A night alone is relaxing but any more than that and I start to feel like a zombie. I'm not terribly charismatic and don't like being the center of attention but I do think aloud and can get others to back up my causes by justifying them well. I like situations where I get to hold the strings in my hands but value joint decision making and diplomacy. Situations where I need to get bossy feel stressful. Getting bossed around myself makes me angry.

    This is the most oblivious one. I'm definitely a big vision person. To me, details only get meaning in relation to the whole. I collect tons of information for it's on sake and am quite quick to form an understanding of something I've never even heard of before. I need the feeling that my actions matter and make a difference outside my own life. I try to learn how to enjoy immediate sense pleasures and live more in the moment but that doesn't come naturally. I live to learn and constantly improve both myself and the world around me. In arts I mostly enjoy thought-provoking, highly symbolic and avant-garde stuff.

    I value rationality highly and try to make informed decisions based on facts. I tend to view feelings mostly as problems and distrust their messages, though this is something I'm actively working on. I'm not terribly emphatic but I try being compassionate and feel proud when people trust me their problems. My own feelings are a very private thing to me and I trust them only to a handful of people. I wouldn't cry at funerals. I often feel insecure but on the outside I've been told I can seem even scary. I do spend a lot of time trying to understand feelings of both myself and others. I try to avoid arguments and overly competitive situations.

    I think in long terms and need goals. I make a lot of todo-lists but actually getting things done too is often hard. It sooths me to have a clear plan to follow, but I don't have problems changing them along the way. I clears my mind to have my surroundings neat and clutter-free but usually I prioritize other things above cleaning regularly. My record shelf is in alphabetical order. I'm not a friend of routines and I try actively breaking them. When traveling I don't book hotels and tickets in advance. Generally in life I crave for a sense of control but in bedroom it feels very liberating to submit to a trusted person. Unsolved matters and uncertainty of the outcome wreck my nerves. I hold high moral standards but don't consider them universal. Being playful is something I value though I'm often too stressed out for it.

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    I recommend you go over to : What's my personality type? and fill a questionnaire there. Though, you seem like an NTJ, whether E or I is questionable.

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    I'm placing bets on INTJ. Will expand on this later.

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    It's obv you are an ENTJ.

    You value rationality and thought, and you make plans. The big difference between ESTJ (besides the fact that you would probably be completely insufferable if you were an ESTJ) is that you have Ni instead of Si (thank goodness). I would bet money that you are capable of putting together a series of events that you have no knowledge of, and then proceeding along that investigative line and finding out that you were right.

    Your Te is all about goals and processes, and I bet you make lots of good pragmatic plans for what you want to do and how you are going to do it. All that organization... oi.

    And why do you deny the proof before your very eyes? Multiple tests that say you are ENTJ? Come on now. And this huge giant post that is basically an evil plan to find out if you are an ENTJ or not? Yep.

    It's okay though, I love my ENTJ best friend ;)


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