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Question about ENTJ's and Te

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This is a discussion on Question about ENTJ's and Te within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by Enfpleasantly I don't think all Te doms are like this, I just think the ones who struggle ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enfpleasantly View Post
    I don't think all Te doms are like this, I just think the ones who struggle in relationships might do this :) My ESTJ friend is the best Mom I know, and I mean that whole-heartedly. She makes me feel like such a slacker! However, in the past, she has struggled with finding balance between Husband and kids; over the years she's learned how to balance both though.

    Im not trying to come across like NF's are relationship God's either. I know that I can be very trying for the Te doms in my life because I expect them to just be totally fine with my unpredictability and open-endedness. This can seem so chaotic and inefficient to them, and understandably so; yet I have no patience for their impatience with me, haha! So, it's most definitely a 2 way street :)
    My longest / most successful relationship was with an Fe dom. So Te is new to me in this dynamic. But work-wise, I always seemed to be that "one" on the team that got along with / could see eye-to-eye with / could "get" the Te doms in my environment. Like we could look at each other in a meeting and wink like, "Yeah ...... we're on the same page ... and the rest of these clowns?? bleh." haha

    I love big time the intellectual side of them. Like brain orgasms every long conversation lol.

    I love when they are all serious to everyone- and I could be the one to crack their smile. (:

    I love when others want to naysay my ideas, and the Te doms get me- and want me to roll with my ideas. (:

    The Te doms I worked with always came to my defense about my NF style and my perceiving ways. I LOVED that about them.

    It's funny- but in these forums, it's so easy for us to focus on these attributes and come off like all they do is think. And all we do is blow things off. LOL It's not true on either side. (:

    Put me in a pressure cooker to get something important done "by tomorrow." You will be amazed, Te's ...... at what I whip up under pressure. I saved my most important work assignments until the night before. Cuz I procrastinate??? NAH. Cuz you want my best, most creative work?? My best foot forward?? Put me in the fire- that's when I produce the most creative / passionate results.

    We really have a lot to offer each other. It's very cool. ;)
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    Unknown Personality

    Maslow's hierarchy of needs here.

    1) survival
    2) security for self and family
    3) softer side of life, like esteem, belonging, love etc.

    What says "i love you" more than helping to ensure your long term survival :D

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