Your Key to Sports Success: ENTP Description

Your Key to Sports Success: ENTP Description

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This is a discussion on Your Key to Sports Success: ENTP Description within the ENTP Articles forums, part of the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries category; This type description comes from Your Key to Sports Success (12th Edition, 2006) by Jonathan Niednagel. An updated edition is ...

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Your Key to Sports Success: ENTP Description

    This type description comes from Your Key to Sports Success (12th Edition, 2006) by Jonathan Niednagel. An updated edition is expected to be released later this year, and if you would like to know more about Jonathan Niednagel's Brain Typing system you can purchase the book from his web site, - Understanding for the new millenium.

    FCIR / ENTP "Strategizer"

    "precocious planner," imaginative, alert to possibilities; quick thinking; likes complexity; computer proficient; enjoys one-up-manship; enthusiastic, outspoken, artistic, comedic, manipulative, spontaneous, entrepreneurial; logical abstraction skilled.

    ENTPs are goal-oriented, energetic and imaginative. They love life and work well with people and are challenged by new ideas. They improvise quickly to avoid boredom, having the ability to think on their feet, entertaining the crowd with quick and witty responses. ENTPs are masters of one-upmanship. They do not like to do the same thing twice, never sing the song the same way, never follow directions precisely. They prefer to employ methods on their own, designing systems and carrying them on to completion. ENTPs who read this material may jot down notes in the margins as they scan the pages, looking for ideas to use in their many areas of interest.
    ENTP children may be up and out of the crib at midnight for exploration. They use their toys in unique, inventive ways. Rushing through the day like whirlwinds of activity, they can ask a million questions. They want to be helpful. They want to relate to other children, children who may be resistant to the ENTP's unorthodox manngerisms.
    ENTPs are dominant right-brained iNtuitives and highly adept in conceptual, visual matters. They learn computer technology easily and tend to dominate the industry as adults. (Microsoft's Bill Gates is an ENTP.) ENTPs also excel in technical mechanics. They may be found taking their toys apart to see how they work, or fixing the neighbor's car or VCR.
    The ENTP child or adult likes to keep the options open. Changing one's direction, occupation, or mind is a regular practice. If the parent or spouse is not of similar Brain Type, the ENTP can be source of confusion and frustration. Understanding the ENTP mind and behavior may take patience and insight.
    My years of research reveals that children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD) are commonly ENTPs. All four EP Types are susceptible to this categorization, but ENTPs usually have the severest forms. Though I reject most of the popular theories and drug remedies for treating this often misdiagnosed disorder, there is an irrefutable scientific explanation for it - in many cases. ENTP children in particular, have been shown through brain imaging and genetic testing to have inborn neurobiological factors that prompt ADHD-like behavior. Yet I also believe that when these children are given a consistently loving, creative, structured and disciplined envronment - particularly by their parents - the vast majority of ENTPs can escape the diagnosis of ADHD. Applying Brain Typing can bring much benefit to this and other often misunderstood conditions.
    ENTP children may not fit into the usual routine of our structured classrooms. The elementary teacher is likely to be of a very different Brain Type. ENTPs prize freedom and experimentation and challenge the teacher's methods and conclusions with logic and competence.
    ENTPs love to travel and can be found away from home for extended periods of time. They are consulting, flying, doing business in the most exciting and varied ways possible. At home, they probably have begun a number of projects that are taking far too long to complete. The ENTP may be out pursuing even more interests, taking risks, relating to people.
    Many people in the field of entertainment and show business are ENTPs. They account for most of the comedians and a good number of talk show hosts, singers, and musicians. Center stage is home for most ENTPs. (Occasionally ENTPs can be found with low-key personas. Environment shapes the ENTP personality probably more than any other Brain Type - a major reason ENTPs can have so many varied looks.)
    Entertaining the world and getting the most out of every opportunity, ENTPs really do contribute to making the world revolve. They may need to learn to respect authority and practice self-control. Though they need to work on completing projects, ENTPs generally keep us laughing as we are shown the broad spectrum of possibilities by this creative Brain Type.
    ENTPs are right hemisphere dominant - adaptable, spontaneous and open ended personas. They are inquisitive, energetic, and audacious in their endeavors. Resisting being "put in a box" or having to live the traditional way, they are free spirits who like to freely pursue their impulses. ENTPs do not have the cerebral desire to be as structured as the left-brained "Js" in society. That is perfectly okay; they must live the way they are cerebrally designed. They must acknowledge, however, that their "P" characteristics can go to excess.

    ENTP Sports Profile

    Found in virtually all professional sports, ENTPs can be top-flight athletes. As dominant right-brained persons, they have more naturally fluid motor movements than left-hemisphere NTJs. ENTPs have the potential for remarkable body flexibility and quick feet. Gross motor proficiency is their least-developed inborn body skill (of the possible four).
    ENTPs are generally high-energy performers, particularly gifted in logical abstraction skills - specializing in designing intellectual game plans. By master-planning attacks, their opponents are outfoxed. ENTPs are often known for their comedic and zany ways in athletics, a delight to the fans and sports media. (Their coaches are not always as thrilled.) Nonetheless, they can be serious athletes. As NTs, ENTPs have a strong drive to win and can generate enormous energy and will power.

    Type Tips

    ENTPs are generally precocious children, much like 15-year-old brains in 7-year-old bodies. They may prefer conversations with adults than with kids their own age. They are able to grasp concepts and information far beyond their years. Though their motor skills may be lacking, their mental skills are advanced, enabling them to learn the mental phases of sports at an early age. If they continue to work hard as they get older, their physical skills will gain greater parity with their mental game.
    ENTPs, like all iNtuitives, should work on developing their motor skills, particularly hand-eye coordination. Numerous drills can be implemented.
    ENTPs will want to have fun in learning sports. Allow them latitude. Don't bore them with excessive instruction, the perfecting of technique. Those will come in time.

    Computers, strategic planning, law, politics, medicine, science, business management, entrepreneur, comedy, magic, sales, inventing, venture capitalism, art, music, school administration, teaching, languages, journalism, coaching
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    Unknown Personality

    Why thank you.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I don't agree with the hard-eye coordination. I play alot of video games and my hand-eye coordination is excellent. Its a bit different on a sports field yes... I might not catch the ball and drop it. But I always place my hand where it is , its just the follow through to catch it :P

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    ENTP - The Visionaries


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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    This pleases my ego. Stop already, I am blushing.


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