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You know you're an ENTP when

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This is a discussion on You know you're an ENTP when within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; When you’ve been described as having resting troll face...

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    When you’ve been described as having resting troll face

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    When you express a disagreement with someone and they take it as a personal offense even though all you want is to have a thought-provoking conversation with them.

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    When you are helping the opposition in their argumentation.

    When you are discussing something and in the middle of the conversation you had an open discussion with yourself about both standpoints. The other people of the conversation are looking completely lost now.

    When you are 6 years old and after your ESFJ mom is tired of all your questions. She answers "because the trees are green", thinking she can stop the questioning. Now you are arguing to your mother that color is just a perception of the world and that green is only green because someone said it was green so that her argument is invalid. She now thinks you are autistic.

    When someone asks you a YES/NO question and you can't answer because there are too many variables. Now you are asking them questions to answer their question.

    When someone is asking for ideas. After 20 minutes of non-stop talking they ask you to stop.

    When you are unmovable for authority or manipulation. But you just sold half your soul for the cookie you like.

    When you are working on 20 different projects. Today.

    When you switch between beļng mentally 5 years old and 200 years old in between blinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polluxs View Post
    When you switch between beļng mentally 5 years old and 200 years old in between blinking.
    The story of my life.
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    You know how to destroy your like with some bad decisions.

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    You know you're an ENTP when you have a stand-up comedian voice and don't hesitate to use it when the situation calls for it
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    When weirding people out is sometimes funny to you XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obv View Post
    When you can understand what someone might mean by this. As in, being morally correct as per societies generally accepted morality, cheats oneself out of being understood to be personally morally correct, because the masses assume you are just another sheep doing what your told, when in fact you chose your stance for much deeper reasons than most can possibly understand"

    It's a favourite argument against religion who state atheists can't have motility if they have nothing to lose. The reality is they argue they don't commit heinous crimes such as child-rape & murder because their God has intructed such, and they are scared of punishment, or missing out on reward. I don't do it because I came to my own conclusion that its wrong to hurt people for ones own selfish goals, and I couldn't look myself in the mirror nor respect myself. I prefer to live in a society where we prop each other up with long term goal of building a better to live in that we have now. I know my morality is real, on a solid base, where I in fact question the underlying morality of those who just do what their book tells them.

    (My apologise for adding verbosity, but I can see maybe lurkers scratching their heads.)
    I agree, I feel like morality should be a constant journey of self-examination and questioning and get SUPER frustrated with people who think they have one answer (or set of answers) that they can apply to every situation. Heck, one of my earliest memories is of questioning the whole "do unto others as you want them to do unto you" rule because even as a kid I saw like, wait, people are different and not everyone wants to be treated the same! Of course it's difficult to explain this line of thinking to people without sounding like you just don't care about morality at all. :P
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    Your shadow functions are intj.

    And as a male entp you just love Vitaly

    Streaking The World Series 2017!

    GF, intj

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    Freakin' awesome. Today.


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