[ENTP] Do You Troll People IRL?

Do You Troll People IRL?

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    Do You Troll People IRL?

    Itís kind of in the title. Unless youíre new to mbti, you might not get why Iíd ask this question.

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    Possibly hourly.

    Sometimes as often as every other minute.

    Wait. We're talking about fruit snacks right?

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    Are we sure trolling isn't a human thing? I'm pretty sure I see other personality types provokes emotions in others too you know.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    if I do, then the other person will never know it. I don't care about getting a reaction out of someone, but sometimes I'll act differently or do something differently to see what makes people tick or to see how people are. It's more experimenting psychologically than it is "trolling". I have no interest in playing a trick on someone the way trolls do. It does nothing for me, and once people know you're a troll, you're always a troll.

    But this reminds me, does anyone remember the ENTP that trolled Survivor in its very first season? In the first season it was the first of its kind and production was super serious about making the show the most real survival experience on tv. Then there was this guy.

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    Itís kind of in the title. Unless youíre new to mbti, you might not get why Iíd ask this question.
    I guess it depends on the definition of trolling? I like to mess with people. I have a coworker who makes so many of the same mistakes that make no sense despite being corrected constantly (as opposed to everyone else who rarely make mistakes) that now people just assume any mistake was his doing. one annoying thing we believe he does is to put a certain tool in a place that not only makes no logical sense but also is annoyingly (redundant?) in the way.

    a particular coworker of mine gets very frustrated and vents about it when he sees it. So I have taken to putting that tool in the that spot when he isn't looking. lol.

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    It's like a sport

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    All of the ENTPs I know are some of the biggest trolls I've ever met. Like, we're talking cave trolls. Their troll-ness fills up a whole room.

    Their trolling may take different forms, but they all love trolling (at least, from what I've observed).

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    Anyone live under a bridge? I currently don't.

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    every waking moment
    I like to make others question their beliefs
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    NTPs don't troll.

    But deluded people often pretend to be NTP.

    You think I'm not dead serious? I am. If you're a troll you're not NTP. Deal with it.
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