[ENTP] Do you find sensing feeling types boring?

Do you find sensing feeling types boring?

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This is a discussion on Do you find sensing feeling types boring? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; I don't know if i find them boring or they look always bored to me...

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    Do you find sensing feeling types boring?

    I don't know if i find them boring or they look always bored to me
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    It hasn't occurred to me to think of them as boring. But I know a LOT of sensing feelers and what I always think about is how exhausting it must be to be that way.

    To be fair, most of the SFs I know are judgers so they tend to be a little neurotic when you put it all together. I just find them to be wound a little tight and I'm not sure why anyone would want to go through life that way. But they probably view me as laisez faire and feel the exact same way about me. *shrug*

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Like most types, I find I like different types for different reasons. I don't think they are boring, in general. Quite honestly, Sensors tend to actually like to get out and do physical stuff (even the introverted ones) so although sometimes the conversation might not be as exciting, they are more willing to get up and do something than for example, an Introverted iNtuitive. It might be more fun to go to a museum with an iNtuitive or sit around a coffee house but I would generally rather hike/walk or go to a sports game with a Sensor. My best friend is an ISFJ and we have a good time together (even over food/coffee) and I would much rather spend time with her than her INFP husband. He is like a clingy lump on a log in a public place (with strangers) and although he has interesting ideas that make for interesting conversation, you kind of have to listen to him in monologue form since he gets offended and thinks I'm being aggressive if I disagree and give a counter-point.

    The key with most Sensors, especially xSTJs is that you have to get know them outside of a "work/school" environment. They are boring at work because they actually focus and want to complete tasks. They tend to not like to be distracted from their purpose. They are completely different people outside of work. They're funny and silly and can like interesting things (they tend to not have a variety of interests but their one or two interests can make for very interesting conversation). At work, it's Mr. Serious.
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    I even put myself to sleep, I'm so boring/bored.

    Really, we're normal people just like anyone else. Like @Geonerd said, work is for work so we can seem boring. Though I swear I take the time to talk about other things at work with coworkers. I'm even going to a music festival in a couple weeks, just like the cool kids and everything!
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    I was talking about sensing/feeling combos in particular

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falange View Post
    I was talking about sensing/feeling combos in particular
    I think they're normal people with normal lives too ;)
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I chill with a bunch of SFJ's.

    Not boring in the least. Unsure where you see that.

    If anything they strive to keep things fun and moving.
    If not a bit routine.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Falange View Post
    I was talking about sensing/feeling combos in particular
    I have many ESFJ friends (and a wonderful ESFJ mom that was always up for an adventure) and my best friend is an ISFJ so I think they are just fine and not too boring. I think the Thinking SJs can be the ones that unfortunately get labeled as "boring". Most of the feeling SJs with their forward Fe tend to feed off the people around them so if you are not bringing the excitement, you might not get excitement out of them. Like I said, I find that they tend to be up for most anything fun if you sell it to them. Because of that Fe, they can be terrible (in a good way) partners in crime with an ENTP because they will usually be up for the dumb ass schemes we think up that we most likely would be too lazy to pursuit if we were alone at the time.

    That said, Feeling Sensors tend to not be the type to get into non-personal or theoretical conversation (at least for any length). They are at their best when they can talk about real life work/family/etc. I actually find most of the time, they tend to always change the conversation to these very solid topics when I get too theoretical or head in the clouds. I find I compartmentalize my friends anyway. I don't expect my ISFJ friend or my ISTJ husband to discuss the meaning behind an art film we just saw (neither would probably watch it in the first place) nor do I expect my INTJ friend to go on hike (although I did get her to hike with me at a National Park when we went on vacation together) or talk sports or talk about a ton of personal things.

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    I receive tons of support from SFJ's, but i never get fully interested in things that they are interested, but i think SFP's are worse because i don't feel i receive anything back from them and i don't find them fun either

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    That's too bad. I worked with an ISFP and he was really funny and interesting once I got passed his giant fortified titanium wall. He was so very secretive/private. lol. Sounds like you're interacting with the wrong group of people but it doesn't mean you're interacting with the wrong type.
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