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Jack of all trades - master of none?

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This is a discussion on Jack of all trades - master of none? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Again I do not know if I am an ENTP but I am almost certainly in the TP group (even ...

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    Again I do not know if I am an ENTP but I am almost certainly in the TP group (even if sometimes I kinda think I am an ENFP) so that I relate to many ENTP issues (if not all).

    I would say yes. Why ? Because I am generally good to see common patterns between disciplines/fields and therefore I transpose the logic of a field to another. That is why I tend to easily have a grasp of how to do things BUT when I must learn details or else I am bored and do not see the point of doing it. I mean, I will learn it when I would have to actually do a related job.

    But I see that this approach is not totally truthful but well...who cares ?

    I honestly am really proud of learning fast and being able to connect knowledge and so applications. Masters are boring and life must be pretty much like that too (sorry guys).
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexandreDeMacedoine View Post
    But I see that this approach is not totally truthful
    You callin' me a liar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Travis View Post
    I know and do a lot of things. I get good results if it doesn't require applied mathematics.
    Are you saying in certain fields you don't measure up???
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    I think it's common. I tend to jump from topic to topic but sometimes I'm really curious how other fields, interests, and whatnot interact with the original topic. Then I might get distracted by that and get lost going down the rabbit-hole for a while. Sometimes it does help though going back to the original topic. At the very least it gave me more ideas, but it can take me a while to get very in-depth into a topic.

    I do have a tendency to study a ton though. I don't think I have really considered myself a expert at something, but other's might of seen me as such in some things. Seems relative to who you are talking to. If I'm surrounded by others who really know it and spent a lot more time on it I might be the idiot in the room, but if I'm surrounded by others who haven't they'd think I'm an expert. It seems more useful to be the idiot in the room than the expert because then I can grow in my knowledge a lot more. I don't think I'd ever think something could be mastered, like there is some stopping point in discovery or learning. If it could be mastered then I probably wouldn't be all that interested in it to begin with.

    I do think the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know jack. Perhaps I fixate too much on what I don't know, but I don't see that ever changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigApplePi View Post
    Are you saying in certain fields you don't measure up???
    I'm a farsighted person. I feel like my mind is outside my body. Math reels me in. It feels like an escape from changing the world.
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    I am a jack of all trades but while I am not confident enough to call myself a master of anything a lot of people surrounding me would say otherwise. I was considered an "expert" in a lot of fields because I can gasp concepts easily and I'm able to remember enough details (and make up those I don't, lol) to come across as more knowledgeable than I really am. I can teach others too.

    "Jack of all trades - master of none" was something that bothered me when I was a kid/teenager. I was good at pretty much everything but excelled in nothing.
    Later in life it changed and I was able to excel in a few fields. It's still not mastery as i see it but I don't have patience to deal with all the details so I am fine with my advanced level. Especially since I am still much better than most people I know.
    "Jack of all trades - master of none" puts a shadow on my worklife though. I can't find a proper job because I don't want to restrict myself to a specific field. I would rather work in a few fields at once. One day I will find myself excelling ina lot of stuff. But for now I am just "decent" in any of the work skills so I can't get a job. LOL
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    My dad used to call me a Jack of all trades, master of none. He made it clear that wasn't good. He also used to tell me I was 1 in a million, which was also supposed to be bad. Specialization and conformity were considered necessary kit to him.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Interestingly, you can be an Jack-of-all-trades and NTJ, i.e. Ni-driven. The difference seems to be that the Ne is interested because of his general thirst of knowledge by itself, and as Ni-dom I expand my skillset when I need a new ability to finish a new project, so it is result-based. But at the end, results are all that matter for a J and you don't need to be a master to get a working result. If you look at how much time is needed to be a master in a certain field, that time-invest in a single matter is simply too boring (ST excel at that). So I am constantly learning new abilities and as more I learn I can adapt that knowledge to other fields and have less to learn for something new. As older as you get, you are getting weirder and weirder because that multi-potential puts you further and further away from the majority of people ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dargumin View Post
    I heard someone define an ENTP as a type that really wants mastery over certain subjects. To be seen as an expert on them. Yet in my experience I find that whilst I might have an initial single-minded focus on a subject, that will surely wane, and then for a while I will re-introduce my other hobbies alongside my new one until eventually a new hobbie/interest comes along. As such I become semi-passionate about a good deal of subjects but I never achieve mastery or "expert" level in any of them. Am I in a minority to be like this or is this normal for an ENTP?

    Over the years I've done this with soccer, music, DJing, Poker (inc poker theory), MBTI and cluster b personality disorders (after dating a girl I suspect has one). I'm at a point now where I'm just bobbing between my existing hobbies, no doubt something else will take over my life in 2019.
    No, that's normal. You're not a weirdo.

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    Yeah this seems like a pretty common ENTP thing, or an NT thing in general to some extent.

    I wonder if pursuing total mastery of a single subject might have more to do with stability and practicality (and maybe personal values, in the case of professions like doctors or social workers) than the kind of intellectual thirst I know I personally have. Would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between this and different personality types, or groups of personalities.

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