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What Is Something You Judge In People?

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    i judge people on if they take their bad moods out on other people. I could be in a very bad mood but I would never make someone else suffer because of it (unless they were the direct cause). So if a person is in a bad mood and takes it out on me (typical of estj/ entj), they go down very far in my estimations.

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    Their careers

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    Whether they think their viewpoint is the only one that matters, vs. whether they can respect the existence of other naturally differing perspectives

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    I don't really judge. I can see flags for when an interaction is going to stilted, though, and I can tell when I'll have to give the person a large number of well-placed truth-injections over the medium-term before their mind will be functioning in a way that's gonna have good results for everyone.

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    How they use context and frame their arguments in their speech patterns.

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    how weak they are, physically and mentally

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    How they look.

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    How they look. How they dress

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