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What Is Something You Judge In People?

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This is a discussion on What Is Something You Judge In People? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by mayberaye This belief is also something I judge people for... I personally feel like there's too many ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayberaye View Post
    This belief is also something I judge people for...

    I personally feel like there's too many factors to judge someone's intelligence by how they type. I mean, just look at how many people speak English, especially as a second language, at how many different dialects of English exist. Who gets to decide what counts as "correct" grammar? (Sociologically it's usually the privileged class in any given society but I should probably spare you the entire linguistics essay I could probably write here...)
    Well I said a lot, not everything. If English were a second language that would be different too. "Generally" was meant to say that I don't think that perfect grammar is necessarily directly correlated to IQ or something either. I even enjoy when people play around with grammatical rules for the sake of slang, expression, style. But if your grammar and spelling are consistently atrocious and there seems to be a lack of awareness in that, I might judge the person as less intelligent or uneducated, ya (don't most of us?). Maybe they're not. Judgments aren't always accurate :)

    But, like, an incorrect use of "there-they're-their" will get even more judgment from me than poor hygiene or something. I don't know why I'm wired that way, but I am. lol. Judge away ;P
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    I agree with @FueledByEvil , and, only with respect to the moniker, I never thought I would say that!

    I judge EVERYTHING in people. But that judgment is multi-purpose. I want to challenge people to do and think and be BETTER. So I am super annoying that way. And it helps to start a 'dialogue' which is the way I label up-sell long drawn out and tedious philosophical and feels-smashing turmoil!

    It's deep ENTP territory for sure and I find humor in everything. I think ENTPs are experts at commiseration which means on some level we are part masochist even though most people would label us sadists, between those two labels.

    I judge in people especially their inability to call themselves on their own shit. That, and the inaccuracy they are willing to live with in almost every judgment they make, and happily. And despite the fact that I admit fault all the time, the people that still feel the need to claim that I do not. That one really gets me.

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    People who arent honest or are too afraid to express themselves because of "social expectations" that dont really matter or affect them but they are used to answering to them anyway.

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    Honesty and sincerity.

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    Are they open to new perspectives, or do they hold fast to their beliefs like the whole world is going to crumble if they don't?

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