[ENTP] An idea, offer and the catch

An idea, offer and the catch

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This is a discussion on An idea, offer and the catch within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; So. I was listening to ACDC and I got this vision of an ENTP female pulling together a F/A-18 course ...

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    An idea, offer and the catch

    So. I was listening to ACDC and I got this vision of an ENTP female pulling together a F/A-18 course and then making me feel some serious G-Forces hopefully then making me pass out.

    Its possible entp men would like that too. I dont know. But Im imagining its a green light from the lads too.

    Any REAL ENTP woman willing to start a Super Hornet flight lessons from asap, I would like to sponsor that. I dont care if it takes 2,3 years to complete. I just want a sanguine badass bitch blow my mind off. ASAP. But like that. Nothing sexual. Just those G-Forces.

    Im a guy who was stimulated to leave my wife because of lesbo sexual exploatation. Im single now, and I wanna life hard for the next years that are to come. I wanna die living hard. I wanna push everysingle boundary one can ever imagine. I wanna be on adrenaline 85% of the day.

    So. if any of you chicks is up for some crazy shit. let me know

    INTJ, SXSO, 8w7. And loaded.

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    The catch is that the offer is real. But the deal excludes any sexual activity.

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    lmao another shitbag masquerading as INTJ and promptly banned
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    It's almost a meme at this point.

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    I wonder if he forget that the mods can read. Why would one call out/draw attention that they created another account and that it's the same person as a previous one that's been banned?
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    It's the childish wish to get in a last word.
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    You're making INTJs look bad.

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    Yrjo did.

    I make any human being look bad, if you count me as one.


    Compared to me, anyone is healthy.

    And that is the point of it when dealing with pure destruction made by those who are of my own league.

    Bc. You all see. My league doesnt fuck around.
    Im the only clown in the house.

    The last clown.


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