[ENTP] Thoughts on INFPs?

Thoughts on INFPs?

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This is a discussion on Thoughts on INFPs? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; What do you think about us? Relationships? Friendships?...

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Thoughts on INFPs?

    What do you think about us? Relationships? Friendships?

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Dating one~

    Good kisser. <3

    That aside, his strong desire to help human kind intrigues me.

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    Unknown Personality

    I don't meet many of them, but they seem alright. I really have to censor myself, though, in order to avoid offending them -- that gets majorly annoying.
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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Quote Originally Posted by agokcen View Post
    I don't meet many of them, but they seem alright. I really have to censor myself, though, in order to avoid offending them -- that gets majorly annoying.
    that annoys me too...so i learned not to get offended. i might be the only one in the world who doesn't get offended by anything. lol. yeah, i'm looking to date one right now but i'm not sure what's going on in his head. i've read somewhere that ENTPs like a challenge, but seriously, has anyone ever tried to play hard to get??! It's really hard.

    i'm just annoyed. i know that he likes me, but i'm not going to make the first move. i just don't know what to do after that...or anymore.

    i should've titled this advice for an infp...damn it.
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    I tend to be attracted to them and them to me. It's probably my most natural attraction other than maybe INTJ's. (Attraction meaning either friendship or otherwise.) But I think you have to have a highly intuitive and empathic ENTP for it to really work long-term, as well as a somewhat tough-skinned INFP.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Let's just be friends with benefits
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    My best mate and sister is an INFP. She is kool as hell and has mental banter with me and most the time is completely awesome but sometimes she gets into self-wallowing moods that I hate. But normally I kick her out of these.

    Online INFPs tend to be kool but to easily insulted. I don't have that problem with my sis cause she is used to me and actually has reasonable Ti and quite thick skin!

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I used to chat a lot with an ENTP, our humor was matching. When we met, however, she felt that I didn't click with her on a personal level. I had thought she was nice, and vice versa, but I guess she was just looking someone perfect.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Hm, I don't have the sensitivity issue, he's rather dark for an INFP~

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    a really good friend of mine is an infp.

    id say its a great combination for friends...surprisingly enough we see eye to eye more than i see him as a bitch

    great for friends....as far as relationships go i think type really doesnt matter

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