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This is a discussion on ENTP thoughts on INFPs within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; INFP guys (the only kind I personally know) - really wacky dudes....like even wackier than me. Not in a super ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    INFP guys (the only kind I personally know) - really wacky dudes....like even wackier than me. Not in a super hyper way, but he'd just have absolutley no filter in terms of what to talk about. He'd shake a girl's hand and tell her he masturbated with that hand for shits and giggles. My Fe was like (What the fuck are you doing? You won't ever have a chance with her again!).

    He was pretty cool before we lost contact for little reason. He was pretty cool in that he provided various tools, books for my hobbies and stuff (psychology at the time). I do wish he was still around.

    In terms of INFP girls....this isn't experience based, but I'd speculate we'd try to rip one another's throats out due to her Fi.
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    I dated an INFP girl and I always found myself telling her she was TOO nice, and that it's ok to be a prick once in awhile.

    She was a little bit pretentious, kinda high horse if you know what I mean. But a really awesome person, unique, yet mixed with the crowd, stupid, yet genius, shallow, yet deep...its weird..you'd have to know her.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I like INFPs! Just, I have to tell myself to be patient when they take their little hearts too seriously... it makes me eager to debunk you, guys, but since after all I like you I accept people are different and usually let it go. Usually, I said.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    INFPs are like squishy lil dolls. They are a bit on the sensitive side about society... I tend to bark at it like a blathering idiot and astutely analyze the underpinnings. They tend to get all mushy and all "aww" too much on things but it is fun none the less. I traditionally will poke fun at it like when the kid pushes his finger into the belly of the Pillsbury Doe Boy. POPPIN' FRESH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENFPdvd View Post
    My mom is an INFP. And she and i can have great debates, but she is a much better talker than listener. She never listens to a word I say and doesn't care. In fact, if I talk about myself too much she just started talking about herself and telling me no one cares what I'm talking about. Yet, she can be SOOOO sensitive herself. She has a poor self image and refuses to hear anything negative about herself in fear it will leave her shattered. When she is hurt, she starts throwing daggers.

    The other INFP I know is sweet, but she is so depressed a lot of the time. I can appreciate her imagination and deep thoughts. However, she is so lost in her head sometimes and unaware of how she affects the people around her. I would say she's a INFP 4, 9, (not sure her third) And it's so glaringly so even though she's only nine!
    Very similar to my mother who l've thought must be INFP for awhile.

    With NTs it's difficult, or maybe any ExTX really because she tries to make me look like a bully. What's awesome though is that she doesn't seem to comprehend how painfully obvious she is about it or doesn't think l pick up on it, l don't really make a show of acknowledging it.

    But l'd say there's a huge range with INFP, just be wary of the manipulative types. l can sense a shift in behavior toward me around other people with my mother VERY easily, l think she wants to give people the impression that l steamroll her like an ESTJ. She'll make an exaggerated attempt to ask me if everything she does is "ok" and treat me like she has to walk on eggshells.

    lt is honestly the lolz because l don't act that way at all, ever and most of the time if l know the people well (especially family) they see what she's trying to do and we communicate silently about it and give each other ''haha, you see what this broad is doing, right?'' looks.

    But she has some people that l don't know well convinced that l am the ultimate totalitarian. And when we're alone she ''suddenly'' loses all of this concern about anything l say or think and is completely self absorbed.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    My best buddy is an INFP and I adore him for it. We share a "why did I end up in this situation" conundrum (a female ENTP vs a male INFP). He too has a fascination with religion, and sometimes I want to hit him round the head and say "come on, logic is our friend!!" but I don't think I'd ever ask for him to be any other way. I'm yet to meet anyone else in life that I can spend 4+ hours a night on the phone to and never get bored.... I KNOW!!

    I get jealous of his artistic ways too. So I like to think that we balance each other out nicely.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Generally, I think they're good peeps and quite genuine. It takes a while for them to open up, but I'm quite comfortable talking with them. I thought my best friend was INFP for a while, but then I realized he's ENFP. I've never had close relationships with INFPs, but I also have no complaints about the ones I've met in real life. They seem like pleasant people, sometimes a little on the melancholy side, but it's really all about activating their Ne and they can become some pretty fun people. I've had some wacky conversations with INFPs. And I love wacky conversations. I used to work with an INFP woman when I advocated on behalf of domestic violence victims for a non-profit as a volunteer. We used to interview the victims as a team and it was quite a good match. She was an incredibly sweet person and I talked to her the most out of anybody. Typical INFP: going to get her masters in some type of education related field right after joining the Peace Corps. Very cool person in general.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by vel View Post
    An ENTP I know just married an INFP a week ago. He says he really likes what she is doing with her career, that she is individualistic, and also her style and looks (she works as a designer and has a keen eye for color). What he doesn't like is that he says she is "very simple". I asked him to explain what he means by it and he said that he would have liked someone who kind of had more of a plan going and someone who would have messed with his mind a bit occasionally. I guess she is too open and loving for his taste, if there is such a thing. He is probably longing for some sort of dark side making an appearance and INFPs are too warm for it. I advised him to never debate with her about stuff that she feels is wrong, because in my experience with INFPs that kind of debate just does not work.
    I know this is an old post but i felt the need to reply. Not all INFP's are warm and loving, we can be for certain people, but only people who share our values and morals. I speak for myself, i can be a real bitch if someone offends me or my beliefs. I definitely have a dark side.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I'm still learning about the different personality types (took that test, got ENTP three times, had no idea what it meant to be ENTP or any other type, but saw this forum and the ENTP subforum and decided to join to talk to people who were similar to myself).
    That being said, I googled descriptions of INFPs, and to be brutally honest, you guys sound like pushovers.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I don't get along with them very much . . .

    I get along with INTPs and INFJs so much better.

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