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Famous ENTPs

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This is a discussion on Famous ENTPs within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Being I am a master of one-upping I want to make a list for the ENTPs, and I will try ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Famous ENTPs

    Being I am a master of one-upping I want to make a list for the ENTPs, and I will try to piece together arguments through quotes of others and thoughts of my own. I will do this on ones you ask for besides the current three. If your wondering why I only did three; It's because I wanted to show The three most common types of ENTP.

    Note; Not all will have a reason. It depends on weather or not I have found reason, or can think of a reason.

    I'll begin with two of my favorite characters, and two of the greatest examples of a ENTP.

    *Gregory House, House
    The argument from this comes from a few places.

    JRiddy, The16Types
    * Gregory House, House
    o Dr. House is portrayed as the kind of genius that gets to be a jerk and buck the system because he's just that good. He uses deductive reasoning of the Sherlock Holmes type to solve complicated medical cases. Though he seems to value as the most important thing in life, he frequently (and, very occasionally, admittedly) uses it to manipulate himself and others more than to create a truly consistent logical system for everything. His somewhat random and energetic behavior is not really indicative of a IJ temperament in any sense. Though highly confrontational, he is decidedly manipulative, rather than physical. His aggression seems intellectual in nature, and his aim is to be recognized as smart and correct, rather than powerful and in control. His best friend Wilson appears to be an SEI and SLI who compulsively befriends "needy" individuals.
    o Extremely calculating and logical; absence of empathy
    o Disdainful of "experts" and bureaucrats; little regard for rules
    o Motivated only by what keeps him interested, little desire to expand his power, area of influence
    Vulk, ENTP.ORG
    As for P/J, I think there is significant evidence that House is a P: his obvious inventiveness, spontaneity (he bought a motorcycle pretty much on a whim), his openness to new and unconventional medical solutions, his deliberate disregard for "the rules" (to the point where he even refuses to dress like other doctors) and what he considers useless and outmoded ethical regulations, his hostility to authority figures (such as Cuddy, Tritter and Vogler) and his messy and disorganised living conditions.

    With regard to E/I, this is somewhat trickier, and I can see how people might disagree with classifying a notoriously unsociable and misanthropic character as an E. However, extraverted doesn't necessarily mean that someone is sociable or friendly, just that they live their lives primarily in the external world, through the eyes of other people, rather than primarily in their own heads. Ultimately, I think the former is true of House. I recall he once confessed that the reason he became a doctor was because he saw the respect that a foreign doctor was accorded on a military base, suggesting that the respect (if not the approval) of others is important to him. Despite his misanthropy, he ends up dealing with people a lot. He finds other people intriguing, obsessively investigating the private lives of Wilson and Foreman when he thinks they're lying to him. He is pereceptive: he accurately assessed Cameron's personality after two dates. He derives immense joy from verbal sparring. He seems to enjoy having an "audience", and often says and does outrageous things for no reason except to provoke a reaction from that "audience".
    I'd also like to add that in a group environment house acts like a ENTP. He likes bouncing his idea's off of other people (team), but often feels they are moving to slow and mocks them because of this, and because that's what we do.. ENT-s also view the world through other people's eyes, and house normally gets his ideas while others are talking. We (ENTPs) as a whole love to argue.

    This is a great quote about how ENTPs act in group environments, and why House is a ENTP.

    TypeLogic.com: "ENTPs have little patience with those they consider wrongheaded or unintelligent, and show little restraint in demonstrating this." Hostility to behavior he perceives as "stupid", especially when it results in self-harm, may be the defining attribute of House's character.
    You see what I did there? I took pieces of information and stringed them together to make a whole argument, that is a ENT quality.

    *Shawn Spencer, Psych

    I could easily dig up a quote by the same Jriddy, but I believe I can handle this one on my own. (I'll add that quote at the end of my argument.

    While House is a ENTP whose Ti is matured, Shawn on the other hand is a ENTP whose Se has matured, partly because his dad (ESTJ) drilled it into his head. Needless to say even though Shawn can use his sensing and pick up small details he still choices to use his intuition to process information. He can take a seemingly useless conversation and see through it all, and then make a random assumption about who did it. (Isn't this normally how every episode starts, and isn't his intuition normally close? If not right?)

    He really demonstrates the ENTP character in the bank heist episode; Where he is talking about his invention to deliver snacks by a hang glider, tell the banker that his idea would have changed the vending machines and made them better with quicker snack deliver time.

    ENTPs are zainy, off the wall, rational people. Aimless inless something interests them. Does that remind you of someone? ENTPs have lots of interests and normally can't keep a job, no can't is the wrong word ... won't is better. ENTPs rarely ever get fired, but more or less quit in order to go do something more interesting, inless they begin to mature. Shawn has matured just enough to keep his current job, probably because he has never gotten bored of any cases, I believe I've said this before "If you want to keep a ENTP working for you then give them challenges, we love them."

    JRiddy, The16Types.
    # Shawn Spencer, Psych

    * Shawn Spencer is a guy with a highly developed observational skill who fakes being a psychic detective. Note that though observation is usually a or skill, Spencer's was drilled into him by his father, and he uses it more to tie things together than to glean facts. What makes him effective is that he can use small observations to jump to a big conclusion. He is also motivated almost entirely by what interests him.
    * Restless, energetic, but somewhat unstable EP temperament
    * In accusations, prefers roundabout, abstract, confusing discourse to direct confrontation; responds with frustration to suggestions of lack of self-control
    * Displays of emotion strongly dependent on those around him; abstract reasoning, valued
    Here's one that I dislike.

    *Peter Griffin, Family Guy
    Being I dislike him I will not give a reason ... however I will quote JRiddy ... again.

    # Peter Griffin, Family Guy

    * A great example of a tremendously stupid ILE, Peter Griffin always comes up with remarkably stupid ideas to keep himself interested. He is a burden to others, but they put up with him because of his child-like charm. His best friend Brian is an LII, and his wife Lois is an SEI or SLI.
    * Restless, interest-seeking behavior; without stimulation becomes agitated and upset
    * Focused strongly on ideas and possibilities, ignorant of facts and surroundings, limited self-control
    * Though profoundly dumb, lacks any sensitivity to emotional issues; ideas make abundant sense in his head
    * Possible other types: IEE (clearly underdeveloped creative function regardless)
    Now for a few without reasons ... Some are obvious! If you need a reason just ask.

    *Alexander the Great
    *Alfred Hitchcock, author, master of suspense
    *Bill Cosby, actor, comedian
    *Bob Costas (Robert Quinlan), sports commentator
    *David Cook, American Idol Winner, Singer
    *Douglas Adams, Author
    *Dorothy Sayers, mystery writer
    *Drew Carey, comedian
    *Francois Rabelaise, author
    *Gary Burghoff, actor
    *Gene Wilder, actor
    *George Bernard Shaw, playwright
    *Groucho Marx, comedian
    *Horatio Nelson, British admiral in the Napoleonic Wars
    *James A. Garfield, U.S. Presidents
    *Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart
    *John Adams, U.S. Presidents
    *John Candy, actor, comedian
    *John Flansburgh
    *John Malkovich, actor
    *John Sununu, former U.S. White House chief-of-staff
    *Josh Brolin
    *Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
    *Lewis Carrol, mathematician, author (Alice in Wonderland)
    *Lily Tomlin, actress, comedian
    *Marilyn Vos Savant, "world's smartest human?"
    *Mary Travers, folk singer
    *Oscar Wilde, playwright
    *Paula Poundstone, talk show host
    *Peter Yarrow, folk singer, Peter, Paul and Mary
    *Rutherford B. Hayes, U.S. Presidents
    *Samuel Butler, author
    *Suzanne Pleshette, actress
    *Thomas Edison, inventor
    *Valerie Harper, actress
    *Walt Disney, Disney Founder
    *Sir Walter Raleigh
    *Weird Al Yankovic, comedian, parodist
    *Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain
    *Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    *Adam Monroe, Heroes
    *Alex, A Clockwork Orange
    *Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe
    *Ash, Evil Dead Series
    *Bugs Bunny
    *Charlie Bartlett, Charlie Bartlett
    *Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld
    *Deadpool, Superhero
    *The Doctor, Doctor Who
    *Dr. Jeckyll, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
    *Ed, Cowboy Bebop
    *Edge, WWE (?)
    *Fortinbras, Hamlet
    *Horace Rumpole, Rumpole of the bailey
    *Jiraiya, Naturo
    *The Joker, Batman
    *Jubal Early, Firefly
    *Juno, Juno
    *Kurenai Yuhi, Naturo
    *Lestat, Vampire Chronicles
    *Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars
    *Mat Cauthon, The Wheel of Time
    *Madara Uchiha, Naruto
    *Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet
    *Peter Gibbons, Office Space
    *Lord Peter Wimsey, Dorothy L. Sayers' Detective
    *'Q', Star Trek--the Next Generation
    *Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    *Roger Rabbit, Who framed Roger Rabbit
    *Ryuk, Death Note
    *Sirius Black, Harry Potter
    *Sokka, Avatar The Last Airbender
    *Tony Stark, Iron man -> Robert Downey Jr
    *Tristan Farnon (All Creatures Great and Small)
    *Wile E. Coyote

    I'm always updating!
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I'm not sure about this one

    Batman/Bruce Wayne: ENTP. More typical of superheroes in the sense that he is idealistic, Batman still lives on the fringes of society. He’s often content with being portrayed as a vigilante or even a villain if it furthers his cause. Like many ENTPs, he doesn’t feel an intrinsic need to belong, as long as he is living by his own personal code. Technologically savvy and inventive, Batman relies on his ability to create superior weapons for his personal crusade. Batman creates the design and leaves the building up to someone else.
    Don't get your INTJ panties in a ruffle. He's talking about the Comic book Batman not the "Batman Begains/The Dark Knight" INTJ version.

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Quote Originally Posted by LiamWolf View Post
    *Tony Stark, Iron man -> Robert Downey Jr
    Hey I really wish Tony stark was a ENTP , but I read this whole article on how he is a ISTP. Here is the link:
    Myers Briggs Types: The Superhero Edition | PersonalityDesk - Myers Briggs & Career Blog
    Batman did come out as a ENTP though.
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    Everyone's ENTP to an ENTP(Liam). Heck, I'm ENTP.

    You know, in Similarminds forums, there's a discussion of how House is INTP or ISTP, but not EVER ENTP.

    Also, Tony Stark is too talkative for an Introvert, seriously. I want to say he's ESTP, but I wouldn't be surprise if he is ENTP. Based on the movie.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    If you intend on forwarding character traits based on movie conversions, then at the very least place movie in parenthesis next to it, i.e. (movie).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NephilimAzrael View Post
    If you intend on forwarding character traits based on movie conversions, then at the very least place movie in parenthesis next to it, i.e. (movie).
    don't worry, your semantics doesn't matter. I already said "Based on the movies". It's a shame if people can't read that.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by LiamWolf View Post
    I'm not sure about this one

    Don't get your INTJ panties in a ruffle. He's talking about the Comic book Batman not the "Batman Begains/The Dark Knight" INTJ version.
    Where did you source that?

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    To clarify Downey is a ENTJ in real life and we can talk your head off if need be. So his interpretation of the Tony Stark may be a little different form the comic version.
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    Thank you master for this wonderful post. I shall sticky it. Maybe you should make the text bigger. My eyes are hurting from reading such small text.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    "Everyone's ENTP to an ENTP(Liam). Heck, I'm ENTP. "

    Not true, If needed I will make a list of famous INTPs.

    "You know, in Similarminds forums, there's a discussion of how House is INTP or ISTP, but not EVER ENTP."

    Similar minds is not a good place to base you opinions. I got mine off of other websites. Where the argument is weather he's a ENTP or INTJ.

    "Also, Tony Stark is too talkative for an Introvert, seriously. I want to say he's ESTP, but I wouldn't be surprise if he is ENTP. Based on the movie."

    He's a ESTP in the comics and a ENTP in the movies, this is because Robert makes him a ENTP (Robert is a ENTJ).
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