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What does the ideal well-developed ENTP look like? How do we make this a reality?

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This is a discussion on What does the ideal well-developed ENTP look like? How do we make this a reality? within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; Originally Posted by clb67321 I desire to become my highest self. I am seeking wisdom on how to go about ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by clb67321 View Post
    I desire to become my highest self. I am seeking wisdom on how to go about doing this. What does that look like? How do I approach realizing this idealized self?
    Many ways. First, find people to associate with that are more knowledgeable on a subject than you. I've been sponging off intelligent people all around the world for about 10 years now. Your intuition will guide you to the people who have true wisdom and allow you to ignore those who spout bullshit.

    Idealized self comes from an understanding of who you are. MBTI is only the first step. Light reading examples:

    1) Eckhart Tolle - Teaches you how to live in the moment and expel violent thoughts from your mind
    2) Wayne Dyer - Spiritual woo teacher. Remove limiting beliefs from your mind. Your Erroneous Zones (his best work).
    3) Napoleon Hill - Think and grow rich. Interesting read about
    4) Norman Vincent Peale
    5) Vic Conant
    6) Robert Kiyosaki
    7) Dale Carnegie

    Quote Originally Posted by clb67321 View Post

    Should I develop myself to become more balanced? More disciplined? Better at implementation? Should I actually follow through with the many systems I develop? Or do I let new idea after new idea endlessly cascade through my mind in the search for potential solutions to point others towards, preferably those who are more capable than myself at actually getting things done?
    Where you can, but we're not best suited for that. Balanced is obtained, as you said, by working with people who are strong in areas you are weak. Focusing on the bigger picture and subcontracting others to make it a reality. Unfortunately this may require a lot of resources depending on the project.

    I like to give an overall draft of a project and have others fine tune things for me. Implementation plans for me are general and focus on a probable SWOT analysis which is as close to reality based on your knowledge of the market.

    Quote Originally Posted by clb67321 View Post
    I theorize about how to be most efficient and productive, but so far in life, it has remained elusive in reality. Do I try harder or accept myself as I am and find someone(s) to share my envisioned possibilities with who might actually do something with them?
    Good luck with that. I have met few people that meet my standards in business (which is what you're referring to I'm assuming). I'll quote an old English saying that I'm going to botch to hell:

    A wise man knows that to build a building you need tools. A wise man learns that you cannot build a business without putting your tools down".

    Basically to run an efficient business, you need to be a leader and utilize others use who will pick up the tools and do the work for you. Partners are not the way. While it's almost guaranteed you will believe that a partner is the best solution for building a company, money changes people.

    A person can be honest, caring and altruistic by nature yet become a rattlesnake in a cave when money is involved.

    Quote Originally Posted by clb67321 View Post
    Have you developed yourself to become more disciplined and better at actually getting things done? Or do you accept these aspects of your personality as necessary to reap the benefits of your gifts? Do you seek out others who are able to act on your ideas for you?
    Where possible I will sub the jobs I cannot stand to do. I've learned to become efficient at making business plans and handing them over to potential businesses under NDA or have patent coverage to implement. It allows me to do what I'm best at: Ideas.

    Hope this helps.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    I believe there are 3 elements to being well developed, balanced, self actualized or whatever you want to call it.

    1 - Vocation
    2 - Relationships
    3 - Work Habits

    A lot of times people focus on work habits when they give advice about how to be well developed (know strengths and weaknesses, make sure to get sleep, exercise, eat healthy, surround yourself w/ people who have strengths you don't possess etc. ), but the thing is you're always going to be out of balanced if you're not pursuing goals that you truly find fulfilling. You also need healthy relationships that are supportive and embracing of your true self and the goals you wish to pursue. Without that you're not going to be truly passionate about your goals/work and so even if time or resource management techniques do work for a time, they're not going to effective in the long run in maintaining any sort of balance in your life because those techniques are running of faked rather than genuine passion.

    This I think is true of anyone, but where being an ENTP (or rather more generally irrational intuitive ENFP, INTJ, INFs) I believe stands out is that for us finding a satisfying, fulfilling vocation isn't an easy thing to do. Since we look at the bigger picture of how the world works more than others, in order to feel satisfied that we're making a difference in the world we might need to really feel like the things we do are really changing society on a large scale.

    Pretty much any job you might get is improving someone's life. The world needs doctors and bakers and garbage truck drivers. The reason why people get paid for doing their jobs is because someone is having their life improved by that job. But for the most part, most jobs aren't really actively changing society. Most jobs are really just maintaining the status quo. This isn't to say that they don't contribute to society. We need doctors, bakers, and garbage truck drivers and people can certainly find such jobs satisfying and fullfilling... but an ENTP might not because for us we might feel we need to do something that has more of an impact on actively changing society.

    I think when it comes to pursuing fulfilling endeavors, the thing is you have to do something that makes use of your unique abilities and interests, such that it allows you to contribute to society to your fullest maximum in a way that no one else could. The fact that we see the bigger picture means that we're likely not going to be satisfied unless we're doing something that is affecting that bigger picture. Especially because we see the bigger picture better than most others, we may even feel a sense of duty that we should be using that ability to shape things. The problem is if you do feel you need to affect the bigger picture.... and even you come to figure how, in what way you want to do that... likely it's not something that is easy to pursue. If you want to change public policy, reform governments, reduce poverty, or change the way we consume energy and resource, those aren't things anyone is likely to pay you to do. There certainly are more typical career choices that could be satisfying to ENTPs, but I think in general we tend to face a much greater challenge in finding a vocation that can truly satisfy us. I think it can be a struggle for us to have healthy balanced behavior because we're not good at planning, can be erratic, and lose interest easily before finishing tasks.... but more than that misbalance often stems from lack of a satisfying vocation in life.

    I think when you do see those rare gem ENTPs who seem to have always had all their shit together, it stems from their parents creating a healthy environment/relationship for them where their uniqueness and abilities were embraced and so they were able to pursue a career that was uniquely satisfying/fulfilling for them. However, most of us have families that are at least somewhat dysfunctional and society is fucked up and unhealthy, so most of us get discouraged from pursuing lives that would actually be fulfilling to us and have to struggle if we strive to do so.
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