[ENTP] 7 Things You Want in a Close Platonic Friend and 1 Dealbreaker

7 Things You Want in a Close Platonic Friend and 1 Dealbreaker

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This is a discussion on 7 Things You Want in a Close Platonic Friend and 1 Dealbreaker within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; So I was thinking today, what would you INFJ types, be looking for in a close platonic friend relationship. This ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    7 Things You Want in a Close Platonic Friend and 1 Dealbreaker

    So I was thinking today, what would you INFJ types, be looking for in a close platonic friend relationship. This is theoretical, obviously. We can't walk around with clipboards all day and check things off with people as we meet them in day to day life. But, IF you could go shopping for a friend the way you pick apples at the market, what would be on your top 7 list? Also what is the big deal breaker for you?

    I'm ENTP and want to know how other ENTP's think on this point. It's my Curiosity to see how other similar minded people might answer this question, if there is any common theme whatsoever

    Here is my top 7 list:

    Similar Morality - can't get into stupid arguments with people if we both have similar maps

    Reasonableness - if you can prove your point logically, then I might change my mind or at least see another point of view whether I ultimately agree or not

    Humility - Goes along with the above, if you are wrong, apologize and move on, low drama is low hassle, low hassle=is low stress

    Eccentricity - please be interesting, have interesting hobbies, original ideas, or at the very least, weird hobbies, or I will be bored into stupor. Be an uphill thinker.

    Intelligence - demonstrated in expression, humour, and wit. In passionate discussions and intelligent actions.

    Humour - please laugh if something is funny. Don't be a priss. No one likes a killjoy. If you're being funny, I will feed off that and our relationship will grow and thrive, platonically, obviously

    Passion - Do you believe in something? Convince me. Be it by your work(s) or by your commitment, or by your sheer animated expressions. Show me you really believe that thing, or you will never convince anyone it is of any value whatsoever. Least of all me.

    Dealbreaker - Intentional Selfish Deception and Duplicity - (aka disgusting) I could forgive, but it would be difficult to trust again, or take a long time to anyway for me.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Christ this takes too much thinking. For me it's simple... do I enjoy being around this person or not?

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Yea there really is nothing more to it.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    The most common deal-breaker for me is attention-seeking dramatic emotional breakdowns and constant complaining, and/or emotional blackmail.

    The 7 things I prefer in friends are:
    1. Self confidence
    2. People skills
    3. Optimism
    4. Intelligence
    5. Style (physical or personality quirks)
    6. Honesty
    7. *Kindness

    These are all very similar to what I would look for in a boyfriend, except a boyfriend would also HAVE to be ambitious, whereas that's optional with friends. I put a star next to *Kindness because I wanted to add that they don't have to be stereotypically kind and giving. What I'm asking for is someone who doesn't hurt other people for their own peace of mind of enjoyment.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by check_mate View Post
    So I was thinking today, what would you INFJ types, be looking for in a close platonic friend relationship. what would be on your top 7 list? Also what is the big deal breaker for you?

    1. clear thinker/intelligent. This is shown through having a range of interests, having reasons for liking something, being able to follow an explanation of mine, and being able to look logically at anything.

    2. similar hobbies/interests. Not all the same though, otherwise it could get boring

    3. easygoing. I have to be able to relax around my friends. I suppose this is partially optimism, because they can't be complaining and being negative about things all the time. Also, laughter, often.

    4. passion. exactly what check_mate said.

    5. wild. crazy in action and thoughts. It helps me to be more wild. I always want to be the crazy extrovert, but can somehow never manage unless my friends help me out.

    6. wild AND capable of being quiet. Preferably the kind of quiet where I can tell you're immersed in something else, that way I can watch you, say nothing, and not feel guilty or uncomfortable by the silence.

    7. fearless. I hate having to try and convince people out of their rediculous fears, so that we can have fun. If you're being held at gun point or something, THEN it's understandable to be shaking in your boots a bit, but if you can't shut up about being scared the ferris wheel will drop you, I'd prefer to go to the fair with someone else...

    dealbreaker. I have two, because they are both incredibly important to me. First, you have to be able to listen to me. TRULY listen, and not just listening for the next second you can speak. If I speak up, and it took a lot of effort for me to, then that means I put a lot of importance in what I said, and if you just blow it off or don't acknowledge it, that makes me burn with anger. I'll give you atleast one more chance, but if you do it on multiple occasions, you're not my friend. Real friends give a shit about what their friends think.
    Second, never considering others. You don't have to show the same care with everybody, but if I can't see you taking care with how you treat SOME people, you're not worth my energy.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    1. Absence of absolution
    2. Absence of an organized religion
    3. Infatuation with the following films:
    - Donnie Darko
    - The Lion King
    - Fight Club

    4. Isn't a passive aggressive little cunt
    5. Can comprehend and further an abstract thought
    6. Male
    7. Or an incredibly un-estrogenic female

    Dealbreaker: Rush Limbaugh

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    I'm with BusinessMan on this.
    Sure, there are traits which I can tolerate more than others, but in the end if I enjoy being in the company of such a person - it's pretty certain that I consider them to be my friend.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Good sense of humor
    Nice\good heart
    Not too ugly if woman (sorry but true...)
    Adventurous and care-free
    Up for a good time

    Deal breaker: secretly worships satan. Now seriously, Too simple minded

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    For male; similar interests as me, so there is something to do.For female; she has to be ugly and a lesbian, otherwise it isn't platonic.


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