[ENTP] Wait ... I think I remember this feeling

Wait ... I think I remember this feeling

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This is a discussion on Wait ... I think I remember this feeling within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; So I met this 20 year old ENFx girl a few weeks ago at work (yes I know I have ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Wait ... I think I remember this feeling

    So I met this 20 year old ENFx girl a few weeks ago at work (yes I know I have that rule about staying away from "F"s .. but you guys know I don't follow rules). We've been going out and having fun a lot, but I actually feel almost guilty. It's like I don't even have to try to manipulate her. I don't even get to start playing games. It's like my aura just bends her to my will without me even expressing what I want to myself, much less putting a plan into action.

    Okay don't get me wrong. She's having a blast ... I'm having a blast. It's a good time together, but I'm more than a decade her senior and I just have so much more time logged into this game than she does that I feel like I should be playing with some sort of handicap.

    If I remember right I think this is what it feels like to have a conscience. Does anyone else remember??

    Okay... wait ... okay ... that did it. Just needed to put that out there. Conscience is gone again :)

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Sounds like she has got you exactly where she wants you.

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    ESTP - The Doers

    Feelers can manipulate us just as much. Its just a different game. Here's to worthy opponents. *toasts.* Welcome to the big leagues, where the rewards and risks are even bigger.
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