Your Key to Sports Success: ESFJ Description

Your Key to Sports Success: ESFJ Description

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    Your Key to Sports Success: ESFJ Description

    This type description comes from Your Key to Sports Success (12th Edition, 2006) by Jonathan Niednagel. An updated edition is expected to be released later this year, and if you would like to know more about Jonathan Niednagel's Brain Typing system you can purchase the book from his web site, - Understanding for the new millenium.

    FEAL / ESFJ "Facilitator"
    hospitable, focuses on usefulness; energetic, realistic; develops and nurtures relationships; sensitive to praise and criticism; expresses feelings; conscientious; orderly; friendly promoter, commerce- oriented, gross motor skilled.

    Is there someone you know who talks easily, conversing readily with each person he or she meets during the day? Is this person someone who is easy to call, sympathetic, helpful, warm, practical, and down to earth? Is his or her concern for people evident to all? You are probably thinking of an ESFJ. An ESFJ is friendly and outgoing, deriving energy simply from mingling with people. Choices are generally made by considering how issues will affect others. Seven years before her tragic death (in 1997), People magazine wrote of England’s ESFJ Princess Diana:
    Quote Originally Posted by People magazine
    People marvel at Diana’s bearing, her warm and knowing smile, her aplomb, and they wonder, where does it come from? The answer is simple. It is there all the time, locked away like a kernel, wanting only the sunshine of public adulation for it to unfold.

    ESFJs express feelings easily. They radiate with confidence at social functions, enlivening the atmosphere wherever they go. They are natural hosts and hostesses, making everyone feel at home. ESFJs show their admiration readily, praising those they respect, defending their associates. They are devoted friends, using time and energy to keep up with their broad field of relationships.
    As children, ESFJs are outgoing, rule following, and socially adept. They are high achievers, motivated early to pelase teachers and parents. They cooperate with structured programs, developing good study habits. At home, their strong wills may bring them in conflict with parental authority.
    ESFJs are drawn to traditions and family. As nurturers, they need to be appreciated for their caring ways. They assume responsibility for the happiness and welfare of others, being harmonious and peacemaking. ESFJs are sought out for their willingness to listen, sympathetic hearts, and sensible advice. With practical knowledge of what to do, what to wear, and where to go, ESFJs actively assist others in need of direction.
    Roger Singleton, representing a charity for orphans and handicapped children, spoke of Princess Diana in 1990:
    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Singleton
    The Princess is a person of compassion rather than a working royal who has so many events to get through a week.

    John Mayo, director general of Help the Aged once said of Diana:
    Quote Originally Posted by John Mayo
    She has a keen sense of humor and puts people at ease.

    ESFJs may avoid conflict to the point of permissive parenting or denial of the reality they know so well. There may be a situation that needs to be faced and dealth with. They may tend to want to be the “good guy” and let the spouse do the disciplining. Wanting things to run smoothly, the ESFJ will do much to pacify and compromise, and turn to self blame for problems that arise. As a spouse, however, the ESFJ can be quite domineering, wanting control over the family management. This is especially seen in wives who see the home and family as their area of responsibility and expertise
    People magazine reported on Princess Di during her marriage to Prince Charles:
    Quote Originally Posted by People magazine
    Most people think that of the two – Charles and Diana – Diana is the one with steel. She’s her own woman, and she knows exactly what she wants to do, in the same way the Queen Mother did and does. She’s a very tough lady . . .

    To be described as tougher than an INTJ like Prince Charles is to be a person of strong resolve, which ESFJs are.
    The ESFJ, when faced with illness symptoms or difficult situations, may fear the worst will happen, denial no longer being possible. As people of action, ESFJs will make every effort to personally solve the dilemma, sometimes even when the business is not theirs to solve. They just see a need and “go to it.” Completion without delay is their goal.
    ESFJs have a penchant for interior decorating and clothing style. Prince Charles once commented on Lady Di in a way that speaks of ESFJs:
    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Charles
    I like seeing a lady well-dressed. It was one of the things I always noticed about her before we got married. She had, I thought, a very good sense of style and design.

    So we see ESFJs as harmonious, outgoing, talkative, conscientious, responsible, orderly, practical, hard working, and encouraging. ESFJs earn the confidence of others, selling themselves before selling the product or idea. The careers of ESFJs follow those serving humanity, people oriented occupations. Without a lot of personal contact, ESFJs will wither away, being frustrated at their role in life. If, however, ESFJs are surrounded by family and friends, they flourish and help run the lives around them with structure and care.

    ESFJ Sports Profile

    ESFJs are Extraverted, left-brained SFs. Exercising great control over their gross motor movements is what they do best. Whether in golf, basketball, tennis, figure skating, or bowling, they dominate with their big muscles. ESFJs can become very smooth in their motor movements, almost as if they were right-brained Ps. They can be very athletic. ESFJs, like ISFJs, tend not to pursue sports that instill fear. Therefore, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, figure-skating, and so forth, are where they are often found.
    Tennis’ Gigi Fernandez, ESFJ, was ranked as one of the top female doubles players in the world for over five years. (At the highest levels of tennis, ESFJs do best at doubles’ play.)
    Figure skating’s Nancy Kerrigan, ESFJ, demonstrated her SF gross motor control, balance, and smoothness in the 1990s, culminating her amateur career with a silver medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Few ESFJs have been top-notch skaters, but Nancy demonstrated what her Type can do through hard work, perseverance, and learning to control her anxiety level.
    Not many ESFJs are high profile athletes in professional baseball, basketball, or football. Nonetheless, some have made their marks through determination and long hours of practice.
    In football, defensive secondary specialist Mark Collins played a role on two New York Giants Super Bowl teams. The NFL veteran of over 10 years received All-NFL recognition. Defensive end and veteran Sean Jones made his presence known in the NFL for over a decade.
    In basketball, ESFJs Rasheed Wallace, John “Hot Rod” Williams, and Bobby Phills have impacted the NBA.

    Type Tips
    ESFJs, like all SJs, must be careful to keep tension at a minimum in athletic competition. Under pressure, as SFs, ESFJs will tend to tense the big muscles of the body, achieving too much control.
    ESFJs, like all left hemisphere Js, should develop greater spatial awareness to improve their athletic skills.
    Parents and coaches need to remember that all Feelers, including ESFJs, respond and learn best when they are treated with sensitivity, commended for their efforts, and encouraged to do their best.

    Popular Career Choices:
    Sales, customer relations, business, residential real estate agent, personnel supervisor, secretary, teaching (especially elementary level), special education, ministry, nursing, psychology, social work; in general, jobs where contact with people is involved.
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    "Not many ESFJ athletes are high profile". Actually the best soccer player award of 2007 Ricardo Kaka is known to be ESFJ in the typing community. He is such a traditionalist in his christian beliefs. He is such a peace loving guy hardly gets into fights. He is so frendly. He is so connected to his fans in social media and interviews. He is out going and freindly chatting to everyone.He does not chase women or drink and was a virgin until he married his childhood sweetheart.When he won the best player award he did not celebrate instead he put the trophy in a church. Gabriele Marcotti vividly recalls interviewing Kaká and asking whether his amiable, polite, openly religious demeanour risked getting him branded as "boring" in the wider world of football.

    "It is not my place to make judgments about the behavior of any other footballer. Cars and women, things like that, have never been important to me. My family, and my belief in God and Jesus are the things which determine my life. I do want to live my life in the right way, and live my life close to God." Ricardo Kaka.

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    Lebron james also strikes me as a ESFJ.

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    I'll take Kaka and LeBron. I thought Princess Diana was some other type, but I'm thrilled to see someone type her as ESFJ - I always loved her! I'm thinking there must have been some ESFJs on the 90's Yankees because of the way so many different guys got along - maybe Jor Torre? Interesting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy29 View Post
    I'll take Kaka and LeBron. I thought Princess Diana was some other type, but I'm thrilled to see someone type her as ESFJ - I always loved her! I'm thinking there must have been some ESFJs on the 90's Yankees because of the way so many different guys got along - maybe Jor Torre? Interesting...
    Yes I can sense a lot of ESFJ in yankees team.In general I think sensors are better than initution when it comes to sports. So theirs gonna be a lot more ESFJ compared to ENTJ and ENFJ eventhough it goes against the description for these articles. Also ESFJ probally make up the largest human population so theirs a lot of ESFJ. Therefore I can name a lot of ESFJ in my head.


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