[ESFJ] Is Stan Lee an ESFJ ??

Is Stan Lee an ESFJ ??

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This is a discussion on Is Stan Lee an ESFJ ?? within the ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; This guy reminds me of a few ESFJs I've known in my life. Do you think he's an ESFJ ??...

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    Is Stan Lee an ESFJ ??

    This guy reminds me of a few ESFJs I've known in my life. Do you think he's an ESFJ ??

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    Honestly, I don't know based off that.... But can we claim him? lol

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    I think he was an ENFP. He has always been like a child at heart, was very creative, and always had witty comebacks (even in his movie scripts). Stan seems much more relaxed and playful, like most ENFPs I know.

    I don't find most ESFJs being this original when it comes to creativity and our vibes seem more happy/structured. I am for sure silly, but I couldn't come up with quick comebacks like he does in the video!
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