[ESFJ] Anyone relate a ton to 7w6 and 2w3 Enneagrams?

Anyone relate a ton to 7w6 and 2w3 Enneagrams?

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This is a discussion on Anyone relate a ton to 7w6 and 2w3 Enneagrams? within the ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; I've always typed as an ENFP (ESFP once). I've taken the test many times over the past year, and had ...

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    Anyone relate a ton to 7w6 and 2w3 Enneagrams?

    I've always typed as an ENFP (ESFP once). I've taken the test many times over the past year, and had my best friend take it for me two days ago.(it came out as an ENFP) but I think I'm an ESFJ

    I make split second decisions and categorize people within 5 minutes of meeting them

    Offer unsolicited advice to friends

    Flirt with everyone.

    Have my kids names picked out but don't know if I actually want kids.

    I'm super sad about not being an NF, but do you guys relate with this stuff. I have a type me post if you guys want to check it out.

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    I definitely relate to the 2w3 enneagram (it's my core), but not to type 7 so much. I'm more of a 6w7 than a 7w6 myself (used to think it was my core for the longest time until I finally accepted my motivations were different aha).

    The other stuff, I'm not really sure if it's ESFJ stuff specifically. But I can still say how I relate to them if you want to compare. I'm not too comfortable making decisions until I weigh my options a bit, unless it's a really safe choice. I don't think that I consciously categorize people, but idk maybe I do it unconsciously? I have definitely been guilty of unsolicited advice, but I know when to hold back for the most part. I don't flirt but sometimes people mistake my friendliness for flirting. And I don't have any kids names picked out lol, but that is because I've known I don't want kids since around age 12 or 13.

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    ENFP and EXFJ is a very common mistype especially because MBTI tests out there suck. I did an experiment a few months ago where I answered the questions based on my EXFJ ex (who I believe is a 7w8) and voila the test result came out ENFP. There's a lot to unpack with regards to how different EFJ and EFP really are and how, but it's not uncommon for EFJs to mistype as EFPs because MBTI itself creates a lot of confusion.

    EFJ 7s will definitely type as EFP in MBTI.
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    I'm actually a 279 2w3...people are typing me as an Fe dom, which I can see. I looked at this and the only thing I was ambiguous on was the metaphors part. Everything else, I was way more ENFJ.


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