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Why does everyone think ESFJs are stupid???

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This is a discussion on Why does everyone think ESFJs are stupid??? within the ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Well, ESFJs I have met are people pleasers who don't think for themselves and prefer to follow the crowd's way ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Well, ESFJs I have met are people pleasers who don't think for themselves and prefer to follow the crowd's way of thinking.
    I am an INFJ and I do stand up for my personal ideas no matter how different they are from those of the society. It is so sad ESFJs never do so.....
    No, I don't think they are stupid only that a little more "individualism" and "standing up for what one wants" is necessary for them to be smarter.

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    The stereotype begins in the type descriptions, which make all SJs sound like mindless followers. It doesn't outright call them stupid, but it's an easy leap to make, particularly since NTs are described as all being rocket scientists. Many people are predisposed to believe that "the majority" are a bunch of mindless sheeple, so this isn't hard for them to subconsciously accept. Then, it gets repeated constantly in the background of typing communities, becoming a kind of white noise. Often, the people who really repeat and cling onto the stereotype are people who feel vulnerable and rejected. They have a hard time with whatever, and they find out their type and say "Oh, I'm a rare type! Nobody understands me: that explains why my life has been so difficult."

    This might be corrected by people interacting with ESFJs and realizing the people don't match the stereotype. However, the stereotype is self-perpetuating, because people will often automatically type those they don't like as types they don't like. I often see "the popular girls" referred to as ESFJs or simply SJs. People who have been bullied viciously slap the ESFJ label on their tormentors, then turn around and use those very people as evidence that ESFJs are bad/stupid/mean/shallow. Or they will always type their parents as SJs (ESFJ for mom, xSTJ for dad) and then use the fact their parents are "authoritarian" and "boring" as evidence that SJs are authoritarian and boring.

    Basically, SJ is treated as a dumping ground type for everything people don't like, which adds up to a whole lot of evidence that ESFJs are awful, because, look!!! I know all these awful ESFJs!!! And anyway, why would anybody want to spend time with other human beings? Shallow, right???

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    My sister is an ESFJ. She's one of the smartest people I know!

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    ESTP - The Doers

    I don't think ESFJ's are stupid. You can't classify an entire personality type as stupid. THAT is stupid in itself. My girlfriend is an ESFJ and there are times I get really frustrated with her because she doesn't understand certain situations. But there are times she understands things that I don't.
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    Unknown Personality

    Because people are measuring intelligence by personality type, and that, sadly, is perpetuated by versions of personality type I find not terribly useful. There are versions of psonality type that attempt to correlate test performance, etc, with type, for instance probably "J"'s of a certain category might do better than P's at school on average, like INTJ v. INTP though I am simplifying.

    A proper understanding of typing by functions in my view reveals that type structure is individual. How strong someone is at performing tasks related to a function is really up to their training in a lot of ways, and is type-independent when considering typing by dominant function.

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    Unknown Personality

    Also, they may have come across a stereotypical explanation of "ESFJ" or a few instances of ESFJ and vastly generalize what constitutes Fe+sensation.

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    My mums an ESFJ but with balanced E/I and and we have a lot of times where we don't understand each other. But we get along great, she's not stupid at all. But she's stuck in routines and freaks out if stuff is not orderly or clean. I also don't understand that she sometimes emotionally overreacts to some stuff where I keep my cool. She also dislikes fiction and video games and I love it.

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    I don't think I'm stupid. For the things I'm passionate about, I generally know a ridiculous amount, although I may sometimes hold back on sharing so that others don't get hurt or feel stupid themselves. Academically, I was always top 10% of my class and I have a master's degree. I am half asian, though, so that may factor in... (kidding ofc)

    If I take a step back, though, I can see why some people might perceive me as not being as intelligent, mostly because of what I choose to focus on. For me, I think I just have never really enjoyed talking intensely about deep concepts and philosophies, my thoughts often jumble and I struggle to get the words out--especially when emotions are involved--and I ABHOR arguments, even friendly ones. I'd much rather talk about and focus on the simple things that comprise so much of life.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Everybody can't think ESFJ's are stupid, because everybody is an ESFJ. :P
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    You got it all wrong.

    At least ESFJ's try and figure things out by themselfs and have an inquisitive side of them.

    ESFP's are the stupid ones, they don't even have a thinking function.

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