[ESFJ] Famous ESFJ Celebrities :)

Famous ESFJ Celebrities :)

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This is a discussion on Famous ESFJ Celebrities :) within the ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; I couldn't find a thread (might not have looked hard enough) and I figured, hey, even if there is one ...

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    Famous ESFJ Celebrities :)

    I couldn't find a thread (might not have looked hard enough) and I figured, hey, even if there is one already, it's probably filled with arguing and peppered with ESFJ bashing which you guys don't need, so let's start another one! And keep it positive!

    I'm watching Martha Stewart get interviewed on TV and she is sooooo ESFJ. She reminds me so much of my ESFJ mom and it's so darn cute! She seems so fun and easy to talk to and she laughs so much!
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    ESFJ - The Caregivers

    Here's a list of some, all curtesy of one of the books I love and cite most on here, Profiles of The 16 Types, William C. Jeffries:

    PM Ariel Sharon (Israel), President Dwight David Eisenhower, Olympian Nancy Kerrigan, First Lady Michelle Obama, President George Bush (43), coach Isiah Thomas, Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, professional baseball player Hideki Matsui, Senator Phil Gramm, actor Felix Unger (The Odd Couple), Sean Hanidy (talk show host), actor Danny Glover, coach Lou Holtz, and, of course…Santa Claus.

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    ESFJ - The Caregivers

    This is hard for me because I don't watch a whole lot of celebrity interviews. There's another thread we've got going on that questions whether Taylor Swift is an ESFJ. Also, I've heard that Emma Watson is one too.


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