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ESFJ Villain?

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This is a discussion on ESFJ Villain? within the ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Originally Posted by Nessa When driven over the edge I can be the most manipulative, conniving person I know. I ...

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by Nessa View Post
    When driven over the edge I can be the most manipulative, conniving person I know. I can read most people very well and I can identify with them. Which can give me power because I am also an amazing speaker with an amazing memory! If someone does something to me, mainly walks all over me because I am so kind and caring (happens all the time because people underestimate me and my smile), I snap. And out steps my inner villain! Haha
    I am very familiar with this with a very clever ESFJ friend of mine. She is so funny sometimes, wanting me to "play along" when she's being manipulative trying to dig for information or convince someone of something. Because she's an Fe dom, she expects other people (who are close to her, like me) to have the Fe to just instinctively "tune in" to her plotting and naturally play along. My ESFJ ex (male, I'm hetero) did this as well.

    As an SFP I use tactical plotting myself, but it's more of like sizing up a situation and/or people and acting accordingly. ESFJs seem more inclined to elaborate manipulative plotting. I only tap into elaborate manipulative plotting (my ESFJ shadow, I suppose) when I'm trying to seduce a love interest or I am trying to make money.

    I swear sometimes my ESFJ friend does it for fun, because she's annoyed with a particular individual.

    So to answer the questions;
    What will he look like?
    - He/she will be smiling and observing, waiting for the right moment when he/she has all her pawns in place!! *devious laugh*

    What is his motivation?
    - His/her motivation will always be the way someone makes them feel. Taking advantage of someones kindness is never a good move when dealing with an ESFJ!

    What made him dangerous?
    - The world and all the rude inconsiderate people in it!

    hahaha I'm sorry if I have come off as an evil little ESFJ I have just put up with a lot and when I saw this thread I was like *light bulb* so that's what has happened to me?! I've been the "hero" for so long that I have inevitably become the villain... dun-dun-duuun!! hahaha I feel like I'm spiderman when Venom takes over his body!
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    you'd be better off using your Ni/Te if you're interested in making money. the average income of an NTJ is significantly higher than that of an SFJ

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    ESFJ villains are people who succumb to "socially acceptable" evil acts. for example, an ESFJ villain in the 1950s-1960s might very well lynch black people or become a prominent member of the KKK.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman of Mana View Post
    you'd be better off using your Ni/Te if you're interested in making money. the average income of an NTJ is significantly higher than that of an SFJ
    My manipulative plotting for money probably is Ni/Te...but a weird combination of my Se and shadow Fe is necessary for the kind of sales I've done, which I tend to excel at.

    From a Keirsey standpoint, SPs are known for tactics. Tactics is actually a very particular Te kind of plotting from a Jungian perspective, and are probably supported well by Se.

    I'm also doing well with my cooking thus far (I want a bigger future in it) and that will employ all of my Se/Ni/Te to achieve what my Fi wants, I guess.

    I still think I probably use shadow ESFJ for any kind of social plotting, and that can include types of sales I've done. Working in the adult industry is very much a matter of manipulating people and being accommodating.

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    Maybe like a crooked used car salesman or something like that, or a cult leader, someone with misguided values who uses their charisma and people skills to get what they want out of others. I think either on the hero or villain side, an ESFJ character's main ability would have to be their ability to influence people

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    they are the typical preacher

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    ESFJs are only villains if they have an intuitive child.

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    Norman Bates perhaps?

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    Superman from the Injustice video-game series?

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