[ESFJ] A little help!

A little help!

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    A little help!

    How to differentiate ESFJs from ESFPs?
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    Uhm, basically everything! ESFPs use Se/Fi/Te/Ni, ESFJs use Fe/Si/Ne/Ti. Nothing alike at all!

    ESFPs will be more impulsive, hands on, living in the present. They're very lively and quick on their feet. Their emotions are more private, and they'd most likely show you they love you (buying flowers for you, handmade gifts, etc.) rather than tell you. They often know what they want, they're go getters and they're more blunt.

    ESFJs are a bit of a mother hen, diplomatic and warm. They want to keep the group together. They're more cautious and appreciate living comfortably. They're very outward with their emotions and slightly more indecisive. They're a bit stricter but enjoy brainstorming nonetheless.

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    Yep yep, people tend to think that switching the J and P is just a tiny difference, but it's completely different.

    Se - situated in the here and now. Very seize-the-day like. Sensual - likes things that pertain to the senses - nice smells, aesthetics, sounds, textures, etc. Good at processing things immediately and making quick connections between input in order to react quickly and effectively. In touch with the present space and time and how their body is in relation to space.

    Fi - strong ethics. Looks inwardly for what they believe is right. Very follow-your-heart. In touch with how they feel about things/how things make them feel and makes decisions according to that.

    In short, you've got a person who knows how to best utilize the present moment, including people and activities. People only think this means they're always having fun, but it can also mean they know how to respond accordingly to each and every situation based on the filter that is their inner ethics.

    Fe - Very attune to the external emotional environment. Tends to each and every person's emotions, feelings, and well-being. Is highly aware of how others feel, to the point they may neglect their own feelings. Has a keen awareness and understanding of others' minds, so they know what to say/do to solicit the proper response from the individual (this may range from being tactful and sensitive to being manipulative).

    Si - internalizes sensory stimulus. Stores sensory information and is aware of how it made them feel or what that meant (for instance: it may note that in the past Action A caused Event 1, so it will store in its memory that Action A = Event 1). Detail-oriented. Relates present information to what has already been encountered before.

    The result, ESFJs are very thoughtful and considerate, being mindful of what has caused harmonious social interactions in the past and what has caused strife. It works towards harmony and remembers the appropriate cues, actions, and protocols to ensure this harmony is achieved and everyone is happy and well taken care of.

    Now both ESFJs and ESFPs may focus on wanting to make sure everyone has a good time, but they go about it completely differently. The ESFP wants everyone to enjoy the moment and get engaged with the moment. They'll tell jokes and organize activities and do things that include. The ESFJ wants everyone to feel happy. They may not need to do anything necessarily; the ESFJ is content with just sitting and talking and making sure they're being considerate of the others' feelings.
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