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How Do You Typically Get An ESFP's Attention?

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This is a discussion on How Do You Typically Get An ESFP's Attention? within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by liza_200 From what I've noticed, this is how ESFP men gets attracted. Female: vice-versa. I hate to ...

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by liza_200 View Post

    From what I've noticed, this is how ESFP men gets attracted. Female: vice-versa.
    I hate to report to the PC crowd that it's true....but it's true. The cool thing about ESFP boyfriends though is that they don't give a flying fuck if you are socially acceptable. You could be fat, black, or Mexican, and as long as they find that SEXUALLY EXCITING ...you are golden. But they do care a lot if you are sexually exciting. To them.

    I am one to talk, because I do care if you are sexually exciting to me too.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Hug them :).

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Quote Originally Posted by Fridays View Post
    People who are "deep", ohboy, they catch me at once. <3 And they are not "judgmental". Or hostile. They are just as curious about life as I am.
    These people stay longer than just "hello, thank you and goodbye!" They rarely have a judgmental things in there body language.
    They have very kind eyes and look at me as a real person. <3 These people I "love" almost at once.
    I quickly notice if someone is judgmental in there attitude. I almost (compulsive) test people. Because I'm so aware of what people send out. And it is so much you can read in the body language.

    Being aware of the present moment is natural for me, and I see how many people are not aware about this small signals. It's fun to talk about such things with people when you get to know them on a deeper level.

    There are very few friends who really know me.
    I'm probably quite vulnerable.
    And people tend to believe that I am what I am sending out.

    An ESFP KNOW what she / he are sending out. And how it is perceived by most people. But what we send out, it's not always "facts"... And that is sad.. We know only that it might be good to send some signals. ..as a way to "survive"..(?)

    But. If you want to ask an ESFP how he / she are doing today (what the person REALLY thinks, feels), then you should do it private.

    This, and 1000 other factors plays a major role of course.
    But we say: if an ESFP trust you, and you are honest, you are "yourself", and do not play a badass = You have a friend for life, even unto death!
    We like secrets and is very good to keep them to ourselves as well.

    We can play like we dont know nothing, if anyone would push us about info.
    And that's one thing you might want to know!

    I love to discuss and analyze people and all sorts of behaviors. I like different opinions and I like to talk about it.
    I can talk about things and test a view. And completely without me having to stand up for such a view, hehe..even if I'm asking someone a crazy question about this or that.

    (Hmm.. Is it possible to grasp something of this ramblings, haha?)

    Ok, just to talk about things gives me pleasure. This is something many people may not know about the ESFPs. (sure, now I am old like a cave, haha, but..) I would say that this happens when an ESFP becoming more interested in some sort of strategies to achieve goals. This comes with our cooperation with our Ni.
    We become more targeted, yeeeah, at least MORE than when we were teenagers so to speak.

    Blablabla .... I want to understand why people behave as they do. And that does not mean the same thing as accepting a bad behavior. No no! I just want to understand "WHY" crazy people are crazy and so on.

    I have very often very interesting discussions with INTJ IRL. But on the internet it is not the same thing. I think is because much of my communication "is in my body." An intuitive, can easily read that stuff in a discussion, and then they understand what I'm saying.

    Sometimes an intuitive see these things more easily than another Senser type.
    Quite interesting actually.
    I love Se doms too. They are so accepting. But ESTP probably more in old age, though I love ESTP women. If I went truly bi/gay it would probably be for an ESTP woman. I love them so much. About as much as I apparently love ESFP and ISxJ menz. Menz should be S dom in my sexual world, I don't know why. Well, except for that ESFJ ex but I.swore he was not my type, mo fo.

    Anyway, yes the kind eyes, but the analytical people obsession you describe I have seen in older ESTPs. I honestly almost wonder if you were also describing the loving acceptance of ESFJs. I am not trying to contradict you. I just find ESFJ more acceptingly loving, ESTP almost annoyingly interested in people, but though the kind non judgmental eyes of the ESFP. Sometimes they like to be alone though. Really not as people centered as ESFJ.

    You will never doubt the love of an ESFJ,even when they are mad at you.

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by fourtines View Post
    I love him already and hate that you laugh at him for loving. Something in me goes awwww.

    I think though ESFP guys can be too impulsive with girls. And by that I mean whorish.
    I agree on the esfp males being whorish.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by tragicgal View Post
    I agree on the esfp males being whorish.
    *smothers tragicgal and fourtines with >HUGS<* Yep...you LOVE it!
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    Unknown Personality

    I only love it when all his attention is on me.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    Quote Originally Posted by tragicgal View Post
    I agree on the esfp males being whorish.

    lololol i can't help it if I'm cuddly…

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    Hi, sorry I feel really stupid, but ur talking as if ur an esfp, and you are very very accurate, but your profile says your a entp, sooo how do you know so much about efsp's then?

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by roastingmallows View Post
    I am personally fascinated by introverted types, mostly introverted feeling types. Introverted thinking types are booooring, extraverted thinking types are too controlling, Extraverted feeling types are competition.

    My friends tend to be receptive, intelligent, and more organized than me. Often I attract the parental type, literally and figuratively. Most of my good friends tell me what to do and try to parent me. I also have a lot of friends who are twice my age and are parents of kids my age. ha That may just be me though.

    In general I like people with good hearts who are a little complex.

    I like to be the craziest, the wittiest, and the silliest.

    That is for real friends/dating. At parties though I will hang out with the other crazy people just because they are easier to get riled up.

    What catches my interest though is someone quiet and uniquely attractive that seems to have a lot going on upstairs. I like someone who is easily flustered. I enjoy the challenge of bringing someone out of their shell.
    What about Introverted ​Intuitive?

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    ESFP females tend to be attracted to me.
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