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Which MBTI Type Are You Most Attracted To Romantically???

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This is a discussion on Which MBTI Type Are You Most Attracted To Romantically??? within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by ShadowedWords Hmm. Interesting. Are you sure you're an ESFP and not an ENFP? The most "ideal" romantic ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowedWords View Post
    Hmm. Interesting. Are you sure you're an ESFP and not an ENFP? The most "ideal" romantic match for an ENFP is an INTJ, which you seemingly had a great relationship with. Also, the fact that you enjoy "deep" conversations is a sign of having strong intuitive tendencies, which you find far more often in ENFPs rather than ESFPs.
    Yup, pretty sure I'm an ESFP as my N is pretty terrible... I'm awful at future planning. I make decisions in the moment and have learned to deal with the consequences rather than avoid them.

    I think perhaps my use of the word "deep" is the problem. I've seen INTJs and INFJs get into a deep conversation and I definitely couldn't probe things to the same depths. My "deep" is probably continental shelf deep whereas I feel like N-types are Mariana Trench deep.

    Quote Originally Posted by stathamspeacoat View Post
    As an INTJ with both ENFP and ESFP friends, I will say the bond with my ESFPs was more magnetic - almost had a "fated" comfortability - and intense ("did we just become best friends?" "yup!")
    Yes. This. I'm a firm believer in socionics duality because of this.

    And just because it's cute:
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    I'm definitely attracted to ISTJs. A girl who doesn't know how to have fun needs a fun boyfriend.

    INTPs are my favorite friends but they don't form close bonds do they.

    I think I could date an ESTJ but ESTJ females are quite rare I think. They are the kind that like to argue and are cute when they do it.

    ISFPs and ISTPs can be ok friends but just don't do anything for me

    INFPs are too sensitive and emotionally volatile

    INFJs are easily offended and low energy

    ENFJ and ESFJs are usually bossy, fake bitches

    ENFPs are too bizarre

    INTJ, ENTJ you kidding man?

    ISFJ = mushy

    ESTP never met a female one

    ENTPs = arrogant psycho-bitches

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    my crushes: an intp, two infjs (one of them before mistyped as intj) and an enfj

    xstjs also interest me but i have never had a crush on one
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    Most common romantic interests for ESFPs are Te types like INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, and ESTJ.

    Out of these the INTJ is the ideal match for ESFP: Love Types for ESFP

    They have exactly same cognitive functions in common, so no one understands an ESFP better than an INTJ.
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    I'm usually attracted to ISFPs, ISTPs, ENFPs and INTPs and sometimes ENTJs
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    Well, ive only ever dated one guy. He was an ENFP, it was terrible. Not that I think it had anything to do with his type, but he was certifiable insane so it was a nightmare. I dont ever want to get back into a relationship, plus I have a very veryyyy low sex drive, so i dont usually do the whole fwb thing.

    But in terms of what types im attracted to romantically, it would be ISFP. Probably the only guys i would get into a relationships with are all ISFPs, lol.

    * What was enjoyable about it?

    Not in a relationship with this ISFP, but we like each other a lot. We share sooo many same morals and values. I never have to explain myself, my actions or the way i feel with him cuz he just seems to naturally understand them. And its rare for people to get me like that. We share the same opinions on almost everything and we dont judge each other too harshly. Hes 28 and im 19, and hes not rushing me to get my life in order, which is rare for a friend that age. Haha. Hes very chilled and we honestly can just talk shit for hours and enjoy each others company.

    * What was the chemistry between the two of you like?

    Brilliant. We naturally get each other, agree on almost everything, see almost everything in the same light.

    * Were you compatible (easily understood one another/you "got" one another)

    10000%, been a while since ive met someone that gets me this well

    * Would you date that same personality type in the future?
    Probably the only personality type id be serious on dating as of now.

    Sorry i know my answer isnt the most relevant, but i hope its helpfull in some way ;)

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    I really love ISTP's.

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    As an INTJ - I frickin love you guys. Come find us please. My best relationships were with ESFPs lol.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by Preciselyd View Post
    I'm an ESFP and I am most attracted to my Mr who is an ISTP.

    I was in a relationship with ENFJ (for 2 years) , ISFJ (I didn't know I was in a relationship with at a stage) & ESTP (3 years).

    * What is enjoyable about it?
    I get to be myself around him with no judgement. He loves me for who I am. He is the first person I have been comfortable not wearing makeup around. I can talk logical and be silly. We both give to the relationship which is a big difference from the past. He wants to know my family and spend time with them. We both love to do each other interests and comprise is a big thing in our relationship.

    * How long have you been together?
    I have been in a relationship with him so far for 1 year and 4 months* and we are still in a relationship.

    * What was the chemistry between the two of you like?
    The chemistry between us is we are lovers and best friends. We get two in one. We are very alert as to what each other is feeling. We look out for each other.

    I will speak for myself and say this is the first relationship that I have felt we are both walking hand in hand in this life.

    When a shadow is present I just see myself, alone walking and this was the case in former relationships. I was with someone but loneliness and that one shadow of me was present. I don't know if I'm making sense. But when I am with my Mr I see both of us in that shadow when we walk, hand in hand.

    * Were you compatible (easily understood one another/you "got" one another)?
    If you talking about star signs, I am a Sagittarius (fire sign) and he is a Aquarius (air sign). Air and Fire tend to go well together. Minus the star signs I feel we are compatible. We understand each other and what makes it even more smoother is the fact we are observant and have a want to understand each other, fulfill each other wants etc.

    * Would you date that same personality type in the future?
    What I like about his mbti - ISTP
    Though he is introvert he is very aware of his surrounds. I actually see through his eyes that he not only observing me, but is interested in my likes, what I pick out as a dislike and like, he knows when I change in mood and how to act in sync with all that happens. He uses his senses in the relationship and is always a step ahead in his thoughts & want for us. My Mr is not judgmental he wants to understand and does not jump. He listens and hears, and is able to empathize as well as sympathize with me. He appreciates my difference.
    literally described my relationship with my ESFP. We both enjoy each other's nonjudgementality. She gives me her unwavering love and affection and loyalty, and I give her my praises and compliments and support. It works out

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    ISTJ/ISTP they are so misterious, masculine and thinking type.

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