[ESFP] About esfp and heavy generalizations

About esfp and heavy generalizations

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This is a discussion on About esfp and heavy generalizations within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; As we know when somebody is a party, 'fun' person who likes dance 24/7 people usually type them as esfp, ...

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    About esfp and heavy generalizations

    As we know when somebody is a party, 'fun' person who likes dance 24/7 people usually type them as esfp, i in particular have a friend who i feel some estj vibe but i think if he makes a test in 16personalities.com he would propably get esfp, so tell me your behavior in a nutshell to a more clear view of the type

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    Not speaking for all ESFPs, but in general:

    No longer a party animal. Been there, done that, lucky to still be alive. I am friendly to everyone at work, will occasionally go out for lunch with them and engage in some small talk, but I'm not much of a socializer and close my office door at work a lot when I really need to concentrate, so people have mistaken me as an introvert. (No, I'm just easily distracted and I want my work to be error-free, so I need to cut out all the noise to make that happen. I learned by earning crappy grades in middle school that my need to socialize will have to come second when I'm being expected to perform for some sort of metric.) I also don't open up that much to people about the deeper things in my mind and heart, but I'm pretty candid and chatty otherwise and will answer personal questions all the time -- to an extent. I just learned the hard way that you can't trust just about everyone.

    Here's a big one: that we love everyone. Not so. We notice obnoxious behaviors just like everyone else. What you're seeing is our need to take our time in deciding what an individual is really all about before coming to negative conclusions about them. Yes, this isn't always to our advantage, but I'd say it's less that we love everyone and more that we love everyone until we figure out someone is a jerk. Then you can forget it. There's probably nothing that will change our minds once that happens, but we might still be nice to them just to keep the peace -- and because it stresses us out to be a jerk to someone, even if we're only giving what they've given us. So we will try to avoid unsavory people like the plague, even in situations where we're forced to deal with them, like at work.

    One last thing: I learned the importance of keeping someone else's secret and that being the center of attention is NEVER a reason to compromise a confidence. In fact, I've gotten good at knowing when to keep my mouth shut entirely about someone else's life out of respect for their privacy, even if some people wouldn't find such information as sensitive or private.
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