[ESFP] ESFP's, which Careers and Hobbies are best for us?

ESFP's, which Careers and Hobbies are best for us?

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This is a discussion on ESFP's, which Careers and Hobbies are best for us? within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; I am 16, and although I am young I love having big dreams and goals to work on. I recently ...

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    ESFP's, which Careers and Hobbies are best for us?

    I am 16, and although I am young I love having big dreams and goals to work on. I recently had to quit one of my favorite sports in which I had huge dreams for many reasons and for the best. That was one of my only hobbies.

    So, I am curious as to what hobbies and careers make you're lives awesome and worth living! Maybe I can steal a few haha. I have so much free time, and all I do now after school is fitness related stuff, so i'm pretty boring.

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    @The Big S

    I work in wildlife. It's a piecemeal field, but I love it. I have a lot of different responsibilities. I'm a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I work primarily with bats right now. In the past I've worked across the board with hundreds of different species - from hawks and owls to foxes and coyotes. It's great. I get to work with my hands, learn new skills, help creatures that I care about, get a bit of an adrenaline rush because it involves quick hands-on thinking with species that really think you're going to hurt them even though you want to help them. So you have to be aware and engaged. But it's great because at the end of the day, if all goes well, you get to release them back into the wild. It pays really poorly, so I'm also a writer for a wildlife website. In order to climb the ladder, I just got my Master's degree and will start working toward my veterinary technician license in March. After that, I'll either go for a PhD or DVM - because it gets expensive to be living on the financial edge all the time. I was told straight-up by a professor that I'm an 'odd personality for grad school' as I have a harder time with theoretical concepts and am more interested in getting out there and working with my hands, but it's totally doable. Now that I've got my Master's, I expect I'll be producing and participating in more research-based initiatives.

    This career has also allowed me to do a lot and move around a lot. This past summer I worked with chipmunks and mice as a biological field technician in a really pretty area. Prior to that I worked in Maine, and prior to that, I worked in Yellowstone. So my career has allowed me to travel and experience more than many and I'm very thankful for this. There's not much stability but it's worth it if you like exploring. You just may end up in school 'til your 30s if you decide to dive right in (which believe me, I never expected. If you would've told me that when I was 16, I would've laughed).

    It depends a lot on what you like and what makes you happy. My hobbies are guitar, soccer, ice hockey, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, fencing, rock climbing, theatre, even wildlife watching. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and even took dance lessons for a while. When I'm tired from the field, I also like drawing, photography, watching movies etc. Just try a bunch of things and see what sticks. Not every Se-looking hobby will be right for you (eg: I hate cooking) but I'm sure you'll find stuff you like! Alternatively, my ESTP cousin - who, granted, uses Ti but we have a lot in common - likes computers and videogames and is now studying information technology systems, and also plays a lot of sports. So there's a lot out there to explore.

    tldr; try everything! If you're in school, try as many clubs as you can and see what sticks! you never know what you'll end up loving

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    hobbies - sports
    careers - what ever u want


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