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Sensor/ESFP stereotypes

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This is a discussion on Sensor/ESFP stereotypes within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; @ RingzJr Originally Posted by RingzJr I never mean to tell you what to do, how to do it, or ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RingzJr View Post
    I never mean to tell you what to do, how to do it, or what you feel, if it ever sounds that way. I just like suggesting things, because of Ne and all that.
    Oh yeah, no, that was more rhetorical don't worry lol

    They say ISTP is really good at analyzing what's in front of them (Ti Se), and prefers to do that over getting trapped in theoretical labyrinths, in search of answers which can't be easily validated or in some way tested by the physical world.

    So maybe one way to go about analyzing Fe and Fi is by starting with people whose types we take for granted, and then list differences between them, in search of trends.
    That's a lot of work lol but sure. But sure, I mean irl I know some types for sure - my quintessential istj dad, my estp cousin, my enfp ex, my isfp mom. I think it's easier to gauge people in the real world than online, but I get what you're saying.

    Yeah, I guess based on this, one might conclude that I wear my feelings more comfortably than you do. But what I meant, is that your unrefined feelings are easier to spot.
    I'd agree with that

    You don't necessarily like to consciously deal out your feelings, whereas with me, every second of the day I'm consciously dealing out my feelings in some manner or another; it's my engine, my language, it relieves my anxiety and adds to my daily reservoir of happiness . Hell I'm doing it now. Based on these examples, I would propose that high Fi users tend to consciously deal out their feelings, like a dealer in poker, whereas low Fe users tend to wear their feelings with less intuitive control, like a polar bear wears its fur without intuitive control.
    The latter part makes sense, the metaphor is good. And maybe what you're saying for aux-Fi makes sense. But do you think that's the same for dom-Fi? If Fi's communicated through inferior-Te, an IxFP would be dealing with that in an inferior position. My ex is an ENFP, and what you said makes great sense for him - and even for the ESFPs I know. But not so sure about the IxFPs I know.

    So yeah, I think it'd take a while to develop a scientific method about this, and we have to maintain our actually lives too, which are the priority. Which is why I added you as a friend. It'll be better to kind of roam around personality cafe casually, discovering and analyzing interesting situations within various lives, adding to our database of examples like biologists. For me it's easier to be productive in social situations when I bring a friend along, and so I may mention you in threads that I think you might find fascinating, or that you might want to contribute to. But what do you think?
    Sure. I don't think I've met another biologist on here, so that'd be cool.
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    Stereotype is that they seem DUMB.

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    @Acadia actually you come across as someone who has a Fi-Te core like myself to me.
    I was talking to a ExFP friend who is one of my most trusted peeps and she has been an RN in the emergency room for years. She says while working in the ER you HAVE to develop those quick physical skills and have to be able to recognize rashes, gouges, wounds, etc. She says she thinks most doctors are S's as well and I'm agreeing since I work with many. She thinks she tests ESFP while working in the emergency room and ENFP when not.... I personally think she is a ESFP who has tons of good thinking skills. I kind of see MBTI like handedness. I'm a righty but I sometimes need to use my left hand and if given more practice I'd be even better at it. Sometimes it seems like she uses some Ne and if she is ENFP then she definitely uses a lot of Se and she's just a very well-balanced person If we look at MBTI from a neuroscience perspective then it's all about what you've done enough of to develop your brain. Se and Ne don't really look too different on a EEG (at least from what Dario Nardi shows in his work) except for the amount of energy going into the different areas and the specialization of Se to be really flexible for crisis situations. He actually says that high Se users have the very best memories of anyone including Si users...

    Anyway, I personally don't feel a bias against Se. I don't feel like I'm inherently smarter or anything.... that seems ridiculous. I do feel like different learning styles are geared towards Si in lower education (remember all the repetitiveness in math?) and N, not sure whether Ni or Ne in college---- and that kind of tradition or assumption about how people learn needs to be changed so that all different types of learning can be brought to the table.

    I believe I use Se when I do my favorite activity which is sing.

    Anyway, I'm sorry that you guys are dealing with such prejudice. I know I deal with prejudice against extroverts on here and just a tad about feelers on here too, although I usually stick to the feeling boards. Again, I do not in any way consider any Se user my inferior just because of Ne and I can't think of a ESFP whom I know in my personal life whom I don't respect and love. I'm grateful for you guys! =)
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    tbh I don't think I've seen anyone agree on my type beyond the Se-Ni part lol. If you look at my history throughout the site people have butted heads about whether or not I use Ti or Fi and I really think that just boils down to a person's interpretation of how all this works. It also depends how important a person thinks enneagram is and all that - and mine is a little odd for either type from what I understand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Since I don't typically have the time to delve deeply into this stuff and have a pretty strong sense of self irl, I'm kinda chill with just isxp. In reality, identifying which Ji-function I use is of little consequence. not really thinking about it while I'm skating or playing guitar or triaging an animal lol. I'm mostly just here to take down sensor stereotypes people are free to perceive me how they like.

    as for myself, I tend to see myself in characters that a lot of people debate Ji for too - arya stark, mulan, jessica jones, rey from star wars; irl I see similarities with my isfp mom, isxp supervisor, esfp colleague, and estp cousin.

    But yeah, to get this thread back on track, I definitely think medicine - whatever the branch - is a heavy Se-field. I think that it's underrepresented in tests and such - I'd guess plenty of doctors test as like NJs or whatever because you have to develop discipline to pass exams and you have to be creative to problem solve - but in reality, so much of it is observation and quick action. I struggled in school until I felt passionate enough about my field that I decided enough was enough, I had to do something about it - and if that meant spending 15 yrs in school, so be it. It was a thought I would've absolutely balked at as a teenager. and one that still freaks me out. But eight years done, 5-6 left to go; I'm in the hands-on portion of my education and it's much better at this point. I did once have to deal with one of my professors expressing that I was a very odd personality for grad school - though she also said she adores me, and thought I was a lot of fun - whatever that's supposed to mean
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    Our most effective doctor at my hospital in my opinion happens to be a ISTP.
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    Maybe I was wrong, and you're actually just a really brilliant, really educated ISFP.

    I hate going back on my conclusions, but in retrospect I suppose there's a lot of evidence for ISFP. You said you're quirky in class, and you feel strongly about what you think is right, whereas ISTPs tend to be stoic, quiet badass, tom-boy Se types - they're individualistic in a different way. You remember Hyde from That's So 70's Show? Glasses, calm, cracks jokes. Not saying all ISTPs have that classic pot smoker vibe, but they're usually stoic in a way. Android 18 from DBZ, if you've ever stumbled upon anime.

    You're highly individualistic, but I don't think you're the Mechanic. You're smart, but if we zoom out and look at the course of your life, it seems like you're driven by passion compared to most xxTx types, who tend to struggle in the passion department.

    Also (and I'm not sure about this next argument, but it's late and we don't gotta make conclusions all in one day), I find it particularly easy talking, and thinking with you, which I argue is because you're an extroverted thinker like me.

    According to careerplanner.com:
    Quote Originally Posted by careerplanner.com
    Introverted Thinkers develop complex systems and models in their heads. These models explain how things work. Whenever a dominant Ti comes across new information, they test it against their internal models to see if it fits. If it does, they store the new information in the correct category. If it does not fit, but they think it still might be correct information, they will completely re-evaluate their mental model to understand why it does not accommodate the new information.

    People with dominant Ti tend to use precise language, and they dislike it if you use words and terminology incorrectly.
    So an introverted thinking dom is precise, probably because they're most conscious task is keeping their logic structure consistent. I think their irritated reaction to imprecise wording, is the way they reject logic that doesn't fit into the logical structure that genuinely makes sense to them. So it'd be like an ISTP responding with, "Hm, no I don't think that's how it works." If you and I are extroverted thinkers, we typically won't respond this way when something we're interested in is contradicted, and I expect us to instead respond with "Hm, maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯".

    Quote Originally Posted by careerplanner.com
    Extraverted Thinkers tend to be logical, objective and fair.

    For example, in a management role, when it comes time to review an employee, the Te manager will look at the measurable data and the facts. They will be fair with the employee even if they don't like them. They will set aside emotion and try to base their judgment on concrete results.

    Because of this objective, fact based style, Extraverted Thinkers can look like they are cold and unfriendly. They also can appear to be bossy. However deep inside they may not really be cold, unfriendly and bossy.
    We've essentially been doing a lazy, fact-based kind of exercise this entire time. You would bring up facts about your interactions with coworkers and online folk, about the kinds of hobbies and career work you spend your time doing, and about your tendency to prioritize your values and manage your unmanaged emotions, and together we would fairly weigh the possibilities based on those facts, never concluding anything too soon. I love this process, because it's kind of like philosophical brainstorming, and I do it with my ENFP and INTJ friends when we're together in my room. The closest experience I've had to that with a Ti type, would be with my INTP friend, although with him it's more like he's carrying around this structure of how he thinks MBTI works, and he'll tell me about new experiences which support his conception, and I'll help refine his conception with my own experiences. So in those talks, we use his conceptions as a base, and my Te disposition is convenient in that I never really need to argue with him; he likes that I consider every possibility fairly, it helps him. But you're a bit more like me than like him, in that way.

    Who knows Acadia, but I'm sure all of this thinking we're doing is exercising our brains, and making us think about ourselves and others in ways that may benefit future relationships. If you do turn out to be a Fi-Te type, welcome to the ranks. But what do you think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acadia View Post
    hahah, that's cool, I always wanted to grow up to be Indiana Jones
    And me Lara Croft (ISFP). So sexy.
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    hahaha oh believe me, I definitely have that classic pot smoker vibe

    It's more like I haven't had time to think about it all tbh, that's why I haven't changed any of my conclusions or anything
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