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INFPs and ESFPs?

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This is a discussion on INFPs and ESFPs? within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Adasta From what I've seen, if an ESFP likes you, s/he will be there, in front of ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    From what I've seen, if an ESFP likes you, s/he will be there, in front of you, vying for your attention. Talking to you or, perhaps, juggling fire. Anything that might distract you. Then they'll probably try and get you to join in on some fun thing they're doing.
    Naww crap. Okay thanks. ;)

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    INFP - The Idealists

    My closest friend is an ESFP. I just recently asked about his personality type recently and he took the quiz (when I ask someone to tell me their personality type it's usually a bonding type thing for me; I also feel like I can guess their personality more accurately and discuss them). I am strong in all areas of INFP, while he is weak in E (1% difference) and P (11%) while his S and F are both moderate.

    Some things I do notice: he takes compliments in stride while I generally try to include others when complimented; I don't like hogging all the good feelings for myself. However, my ESFP friend always takes it in stride. If I say to him "you're so great and amazing and awesome" he'll generally just go along with the flow and move onto whatever next topic he feels like discussing. We are both very talkative with each other at least, though when we talk my ideas are more of a side-show and his the grand finale.

    Sometimes he does say things that hurt my feelings and irritate me and when I express being upset he generally laughs it off. When he realizes I am sincere he is quick to apologize repeatedly - even when I tell him that it's fine and nothing of value was lost. He likes dragging me along for the ride and often demands my attention and I love giving it to him because we often have lots of fun doing simple things that others might think boring. We also talk about things that interest the both of us (he got me re-interested in Tamagotchi, while I hooked him on Animal Crossing - we both have a childlike mindset).

    We are both secure enough to talk to each other about things that are troubling us. I feel like he is not as.. "healer" as I am, because while I'm giving him suggestions to improve his lifestyle and take his feelings out on something else, he generally only makes statements such as "oh my" "i'm sorry" and "i don't know what to say". I find him very serious and dedicated to his studies, while I am very childish and I tend to drift between a lot of different subjects.

    It is kind of exhausting at times because he often says that we'll get together and then cancels at the last second, leaving me hanging.

    But he's fun to be around and we're both very alike, so it works out well c: one of the best friends i've had.

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    I'm an INFP who's been dating one for over 2 months. Firstly, allow me to say that I believe his intuitive side is almost equal to his sensing side because we DO have several philosophical discussions, and even though I feel that I think a lot more than he does sometimes, it seems like he can understand 100% of the time and respond 90%. I love horror and the supernatural, and got the impression he did also but only because he listens to me talk about it so well and indulges me. In reality, he is a lot more hands on and practical than I am, but is very, very accepting. However, he does embrace spirituality, and reads and writes a lot about it. I think it's because he's a Pisces (I'm a Scorpio and, yes; into astrology,) but I'm guessing he has a more logical explanation. He loves playing + watching just about any kind of sport but he doesn't follow any strict workout routine. I played some bag toss game with him once and he was big on encouragement, and then tried to train me afterwards so I'm guessing he has a big competetive streak. He doesn't talk a lot about his problems and says he lets his actions speak for him. And he always likes to hug girls and be goofy with everyone else. He isn't as superficial with me byfar but sometimes I have to wonder who's responsible for that, if not both or neither of us. As far as messing around goes, I think I've become more insistent on it whereas he says his favorite thing to do is just lay there holding me and falling asleep like that. It is awesome and I think I need to keep my mind less on sex, if possible, because I've always been interested in it and, again, it could just be my sign. Lastly, he gives a lot of pet names which I, maybe regretfully, have become addicted to..it might be kind of sick and I don't understand it -_- but I love when he calls me things like Sweetheart, Baby, Good Girl, etc. I can't tell if I have some father complex or not O_o I just know that, overall, he gives off to me this really warm, calming, self-assured and practically undescribable aura. I don't want to say he's in charge but in some way, he is, because I start to feel like I want that peaceful, almost holy affirmation. I think that, deep down, he's more spiritual than I am. But maybe it's all in my head. I just know that it feels amazing and, I want to say, safe. That's it ^^ Thanks. I hope it helps some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FiNe SiTe View Post
    Just a few questions for the small minority of ESFPs that reside in this forum.

    How do you view INFPs?
    Have you ever met one?
    Did you ever get along?
    What did you converse about?

    I have a friend (ESFP) who is 2 years younger than me and we get along pretty well.
    I fell in love with an INFP and married her. She is a very giving person -- she'd do almost anything to help someone else out (maybe that's why she married me). She likes giving gifts when she can see someone really needs them, and she works as a Personal Support Worker. She is funny, and actually quite talkative with friends when they are speaking in their first language of Korean. One of the biggest problems that we have is when I am having fun and joking and she is too sensitive, taking it all personally when it's not meant that way. We tend to talk a lot about extended family life, religion (we're both Christians, but of different denominations), and cultural differences whenever they arise.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    INFPs have imaginative mind.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    IT is so nice to read your posts, thank you for sharing :)
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    ESFP - The Performers

    Quote Originally Posted by beachpeach View Post
    IT is so nice to read your posts, thank you for sharing :)
    You're welcome!

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I had an ESFP friend. She was so laid back that my INFPness didn't feel threatened :) She always had something funny to say. I would usually respond in a way that surprised her. I was probably even more N in those days than I am now. We enjoyed each other's company, so we were close, but never really understood each other. In a way, it didn't really matter though. :)
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    infp with esfp mom here đŸ™‹ we get along quite well nowadays, but when i was younger i got often frustrated and a bit confused with her. i've noticed we bond over our Fi, and i love that she is so easygoing and tolerant about my life and friends. my friends all love her quite a lot, since she is a bit unconventional in her ways and not at all like the rest of my friends' parents. my sense of humor comes from her pretty much, but i notice that i get mainly frustrated when she doesn't seem to get the big picture and she's prone to make decisions in a whim, and that results in her often having to ask other people for money or favors. when i'm trying to tell her this, she doesn't listen and does what she wants anyway (Fi kicking in or...?) at times i can feel like the mature one in our family (something my brother and i often complain about).
    i also think i have one esfp friend (i haven't told her to do the test but i'm pretty sure she's one) and i get along with her very well. we've known each other practically our whole lives, ever since we were 2,5 years old. (idk if this reply is at all relevant + i'm reviving a 2013 thread (sorry bout that) but anyway here goes)

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    How do you view INFPs?
    like em

    Have you ever met one?

    What did you converse about?
    marvel and dc

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