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This is a discussion on and ENTP relationships within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by peoplesayimanahole All my ESFP relationships have ended up in mutual burning hatred. Originally Posted by RandomShadowPersonality My ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by peoplesayimanahole View Post
    All my ESFP relationships have ended up in mutual burning hatred.
    Quote Originally Posted by RandomShadowPersonality View Post
    My mother is an ENTP. My father is an ESFP.
    I can't stress to anyone how much I've been wanting to move out of this household since 2011.
    As a poster above me said, ESFP + ENTP are in superego relations, which aren't very comfortable. These are relations of mutual respect at a distance but at when people of these types get close they are likely to misunderstand each other, lots, and have many arguments and fights. If they have children, their children would seek to move out asap!

    More details about this relationship type: ESFP Love Types

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    Quote Originally Posted by adlhurle View Post
    When I broke up with an ESFP he told me he never felt anything for me either.
    Quote Originally Posted by soul215 View Post
    Is that a typical ESFP thing?
    Before my ISTP guy now, I was talking to an ESFP guy for almost two years. He was fun to be around but he was never settled and always very flaky. He then told me that he was never interested in me and was "APPALLED" that I even liked him. Seriously? I just never turn back to his dumbass ever since but when I started dating my guy now and ESFP guy knew. He went to his job (they know each other) and ask him, "her though? why her?"

    why ask why if you were soooo appalled of me? And why go to my guy and say stuff like that? LOL
    People are funny.
    Ok, definitely this must be something ESFP men do constantly. The same almost exact thing happened to me a couple of months ago. After a rough on-off/with-and-without you thing that lasted 8 months, and after I got reaaaally bored of his cowardice and bad temper and bad manners towards me, I had a fling –barely a couple of kisses – with a friend of his. He found out and got really mad – at me, of course. After that not only did he keep pushing me as away from him as possible but, after we had a deep conversation in which I was a little bit too drunk he told me some very hurtful things: right now he was interested in someone else, not in me. And HE WAS SORRY but he never really felt much for me because I hadn’t been so important to him. When he used to tell me things such as “I’m so thrilled you drive me this crazy, no one has ever made me feel the way you do”.

    A part of me believes that all those hurtful things ESFP apparently tend to say are only ways for them to protect themselves. Don’t really know, but I think I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll fly as away and as quickly as possible from any other ESFP that ever comes along.
    INTJs are so much better.

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    I'm in a relationship with an ENTP right now. I can see that it's incredibly unhealthy, but I think that's more so because I have BPD and he's depressed rather than because of our types.
    The good: He's funny, smart, and knows a lot of connections XD when we're with each other, it's like there's no problems with either of us. Well, he's not incredibly sad and I'm not incredibly empty.
    The bad: We're basically drinking buddies, encouraging each other's unhealthy habits (again this is probably due to our mental shit rather than types). And he talks a lot. Sometimes I just want to talk uninterrupted, ya feel?
    It's a relatively new relationship, but I already feel like we've been together for years.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    Quote Originally Posted by olonny View Post
    Ok, definitely this must be something ESFP men do constantly.
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