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This is a discussion on You Know you're an ESFP When... within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Memory of Talon She cried when she got banned Not really. -_- i never cried. The last ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memory of Talon View Post
    She cried when she got banned
    Not really. -_- i never cried. The last time i cried wasn't there. XD

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    Ya know you're ESFP when...
    In high school your parents ask you to clean your room and...

    1. You don't because having a clean room offers no great meaning to life.
    2. As a reaction you paint on your walls a large random picture of abstract art in protest. (Mostly because you're bored though).
    3. It's still there. it offers no obstacle to your life so why change it?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Knight View Post
    Mostly accurate except bolded. Certainly not. In fact I found myself hanging out with his friends doing stuff all the time and he just wanted to sit at home and do nothing. I wasn't into that AT ALL so I left, he was more than welcome to come but he wasn't gonna hold me back, that's all I'm saying.
    Interesting the bolded part was really enticing but I get what you mean. When the urge to hang out hits me I lean towards this even if it means going with Intuitives to discuss philosophy and literature that I feel will just wear her down or it's just me time lol.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Knight View Post
    I don't know what I'd type him as honestly. I'd say a young punk thing probably lol. The ironic thing is, he's one of the few I don't harbour any resentment towards It's those so called "nice" guys you gotta watch out for really.
    Can you elaborate a bit more on this I feel like it's a theme with girls in general. Like I'm just trying to have a conversation and be friendly but it feels like I'm being compared to someone else like a case of mistaken identity. Bright side I guess I found a new way to feel invisible a wall flower :(.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcopy View Post
    When you are up for doing anything at any time, because you don't really plan often. At all. Or ever.
    Hmm yes in a way but I work a lot so I spend most of my time off sleeping. Lol
    I do get super anxious if people make too many plans with me off into the future though. Ahh! Don't control my life! HAHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindcola View Post
    When your at a social event and say "ok i'm ready to go soon" and we both know it's a lie because you've only said it twice for far. :P
    This made me LOL, literally. My brother is an INTP and when we go out together he patiently waits for me to say that 15 times and then I'm actually ready to leave. In my defense though, I don't go out nearly as much as they say EFSPs do so it's a three times a year sort of thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by RosieJones468 View Post
    Why do you guys dislike self analysis. IMO it's interesting to understand yourself and helps you become a better person and improve your life.
    I LOVE self analysis. I'm not sure where you heard that from..or maybe I'm different than the stereotype ESFP? Criticism on the other hand can be hard. Over the years I've really come to love and respect those that aren't afraid to tell me off just because normally I can railroad people so easily. The criticism has to come from a place of betterment though - not just a blatant insult.

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    You know you're an ESFP when: You earn more than most people as a friendly member of the wait staff at a pretty nice restaurant.
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    ESFPs are too busy in the outside world, making achievements, haha

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