[ESFP] is this person an ESFP or acting like an ESFP Girl? Video

is this person an ESFP or acting like an ESFP Girl? Video

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This is a discussion on is this person an ESFP or acting like an ESFP Girl? Video within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; ...

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    is this person an ESFP or acting like an ESFP Girl? Video

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I think it's something like that. He seems to act like an ESFP.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I can't hear what he says exactly or how he speaks, but, just looking at him (without sound), he seems to act like an ESFP. But... I think there are ESFPs and ESFPs. He's a little bit exagerated.
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    ESFP - The Performers

    I think he's just acting like a stereotypical ditsy girl - so no, no more than a clip from Rambo is acting like an ISTP.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Quote Originally Posted by enneagram6level9 View Post
    Man I thought I was 60% sure I was an ESFP today... well that eliminates that then. :P

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I love that video, it's so funny.
    So acting like an ESFP? Sure. All types have their.... those ones. Then again, I've caught loads of my friends, including ENTPs, ISFPs and INTJs saying some of the same things in pretty much the same way. I think that's the charm. Loads of single girls can laugh at it because while they may not say them, they probably have thought of one of those things at least once before. :P

    Thank goodness we're not all like that, I think I would go crazy. Funny to watch in a video, unbearable to deal with in real life.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    Quote Originally Posted by enneagram6level9 View Post
    video I can't link

    I act exactly the same when I put on a dress and wig.
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    ESFP - The Performers

    Love that vid!!! It's so funny! yes well, I can act that way, but I'm not constantly behaving like that. But I do tend to be like "yeah I hate love" and then I want it anyway, like very contradictive...
    But I had a gay friend, who I'm pretty sure was an esfp, and boy did we have a good time together, always going out, checking out guys, just having the best time ever! The only annoying thing was that his comment most of the time was: "Nahhh, forget about him, I promise you he's gay"

    Im gonna show that vid to my intp friend and ask him if he thinks it ressembles me :P

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    ESFP - The Performers

    i'm trying to delete this stupid post i wrote earlier and it won't let me.... aaahhh.

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    ESFP - The Performers

    I'm ESFP and this video is pretty much me 100% which is a bit horrifying to me haha. I speak at a rapid pace and constantly contradict myself about being single, married, etc... And I def said the other day "I'm moving to Denver.. Also there's way more guys there than girls." And Liz Lemon IS my hero. I just hope I sound slightly less ditzy. Btw, can one BE ESFP and also ACT ESFP? I don't know if I could ACT like me on top of BEING me. Wow, does that make any sense?
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