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This is a discussion on ESFP Characters in Fiction within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by mytinyheart Theon comes off to me as an ENTJ/ESTJ. It's not until Ramsay breaks him that we ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mytinyheart View Post
    Theon comes off to me as an ENTJ/ESTJ.

    It's not until Ramsay breaks him that we see Theon in a state of emotional frailty. Before that, Theon is level-headed, keen, arrogant, and strong. He always desires more, and yearns to be great or at least equal to those he reveres. His thinking and intuitive functions really come out when he plans on doing more than raiding the Northern coast and remaining in his sister's shadow. He formulates a plan to get Winterfell. Of course when he is broken, we find all of his insecurities. While he managed to drown his sentimentalities beneath the zealousness of his goals, when he breaks we see the truth that he would never have admitted on his own: He just wanted to belong in Winterfell, and have Ned see him as a real son and not as a ward.
    The analysis is fitting, but I disagree that would make him ENTJ/ESTJ. He does not necessarily have an opinion on what is the right thing to do. Rather, he is intelligent, but reckless. He does a lot of the things when still as a ward of Eddard stark, just to entertain himself, and yes, he is cocky (what irony). But once we get a deeper look at him, we see that he wanted to belong and to be accepted and be loved. You can see that even before he was broken. He wanted to belong in Winterfell, but couldn't. So he wanted to please his dad, but couldn't even do that either. His plans might sometimes work, but they are always reckless, not that well thought through. That's why they originally work, but then tend to backfire. That would to me suggest tertiary Te, rather than dominant. And he is dexterous and finds joy in adventure, which is a strong and Se trait. Also, he is quite focused in the here and now, not so much on what could come. He loved Rob, but when Rob sent him away, to negotiate with Pyke, here and now was Pyke. I don't believe Theon would have betrayed Rob if Rob kept him close. Or at least until there wasn't an opportunity to seize and act on immediately where he was. Even saving the girl in the North (I don't remember Sansa's friend's name), he wasn't comfortable with the planning. He didn't want to participate in that, and was too coward to plan escape. But when it was put before him as a situation that he has to face, he did it, and faced what jumped at him with good reactions. I think he's quite a clear cut ESFP, with tertiary Te developed enough to make plans that have immediate success, but without what it takes to make them last.

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    Come to think of it, Det. Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be seen as a Lawful Good ESFP who thinks he's Chaotic.
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    I'll add a bit for GoT.

    Theon Greyjoy is ESFP. Possibly ENFP, but I'd put my bet on ESFP. Not a Thinker.

    Oberyn Martell is ESFP. At the very least a Se dom.

    Jaime Lannister. Yup, I said it. Bite me.

    Oh, and Loras Tyrell. Can imagine several of the "honorable knights" in Westeros to be SFPs. Trying hard to remember a female ESFP right now, but it's tough. I'm thinking Arya, but she's more of an ISFP, possibly ISTP. Most highborn women in that series seems like Fe users to me.
    Maybe Shae?

    In The Wheel of Time series, there are two ESFP gems among the key characters: Elayne Trakand and Thom Merrilin.
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    Huh. I'd always thought of Thor Odinson as being a Lawful Neutral ESTP who became Lawful Good, but now I'm wondering if he's F instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dora View Post
    If it was me, I'd take it personally too
    Yeah, but you're a Feeler
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    I just watched The Accountant today – so much better than Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic give it credit for – and the whole time, I kept thinking "this rival assassin antagonist is exactly how I've been writing the Lawful Evil ESFP in my own book."

    Has anybody else watched that yet?
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    @Dora This little shit from Vanguard is an ESFP, and here's one of his speeches of when he was drunk on power :

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    I think Luffy D Monkey is an ESFP 8w7

    When he wants to make a friend he just goes up to them and is like "HEY, Join my crew! You're cool"
    He does what he wants... NO EXCEPTIONS.
    He's goofy as hell and acts like a kid all the time.
    You always know what he's feeling.
    He never gives up and will overestimate himself.
    Fails to see the consequences of his actions.
    Never gives up on his friends.

    He sees things for how they are. In the below video he makes the obvious statement "WOW Thats a giant turtle" - No shit Luffy... no shit my little retarded friend.

    Arrogant and while he sees the power structure, he doesn't recognize himself as having to obey the power structure.

    "I'm going to be the best!" "You're strong? Lets compete"
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    Here we also have Gon Freecs. Who I believe is an ESFP 2w3.

    He shares a lot in common with Luffy, such as the overt friendliness and slight retarded behavior. They freely follow their whims, and their whims matter more than your whims. "Actually lets find out whose whims REALLY matter more. You go do you and I'll do me and we'll compare notes."

    They are also embarrassingly good with the opposite sex but also embarrassingly oblivious to the attraction of the opposite sex. (We don't know until you outright tell us or someone tells us they have a hunch that you do and sites their reasoning"

    Both Luffy and Gon also display a few traits of ESFPs that might not be so obvious.

    1. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, what's important to them is if THEY like you. This can lead to those we once considered enemies to us becoming friends. This also works in the opposite direction, those we once cared about and considered friends becoming mortal enemies. This can reverse multiple times throughout life and is dependent on how the ESFP feels about you.

    2. The goofy and fun exterior is just that. Inside they can be dark and brooding and full of negative emotions. This is actually a lifelong insecurity. sometimes you will see in the the description of ESFPs the "No one knows how I really am" and "Things aren't as bright as they seem" and herein lies why I believe we are called the performers. The subconscious over time realizes that the individual needs to come off a certain way to maintain social relationships and so you get the goof exterior. But the conscious understanding of the darkness they feel so vividly inside themselves leads to an obliviousness of how the darkness can seep through. The darkness wants to be expressed without judgement so that it can pass.

    They also overestimate themselves. When the ESFP realizes how much they overestimate themselves this leads to either an extreme depression OR the drive to wipe away their weaknesses to overcome their deficiencies. One of the darkest moments of my life a friend once said to me "Will power is not enough sometimes". The realization and the devastation of the truth of this statement drove me to say... "Well then I have to direct this will power to the things that make it enough"

    Both luffy and Gon utterly lose for the first time

    Okay lets not forget how fucking fat they both should be too.

    Yeah i know I watch a lot of anime. You'll get over it.
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    Sawako from Over rev!
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