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This is a discussion on ESFP Characters in Fiction within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Hygerof wtf so ESFPs arn't all arrogant,attention seeking,loud,foolish douchebags???? I'm foolish, but there is wisdom to my ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hygerof View Post
    wtf so ESFPs arn't all arrogant,attention seeking,loud,foolish douchebags????
    I'm foolish, but there is wisdom to my stupidity. I get a lot of people always thinking "Oh he's lazing around, and has no idea how to do [insert whatever task for the day]." Then later I reveal I actually had a general idea of what to do, and managed to accomplish the task. Also, no, we're not all loud. Just like not every ISFJ is sheep-ish. That I know for sure.
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    Hachi from NANA though she can prolly be an ENFP...idk. I relate ditzy to the N.

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    I like people typing Anakin Skywalker as an ESFP. I have many similarities to Anakin/Darth Vader, figured everyone did but the special significance makes sense now. I similarly grew up in a rural place until I was ten and left most of my friends and family to live in a city. Sometimes I get bitter and fearful, wonder if people love me and lash out. I've found the best word for myself for coming out of one of these moods/periods is "taking off the mask", like Vader takes off his mask at the end of Return of the Jedi.

    I would add Dmitri Karamazov from The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoeyevsky) and Malachy McCourt (Frank's Dad) from Angela's Ashes (Frank McCourt). Both are characterized by their simultaneous optimism and the dreadful conditions they create/in which they live.

    I've known some other ESFPs. This last point, the optimism vs. bad life, is the leading sign. ESFPs will amaze you with what kind of terrible life can still be lived. One friend in particular I had was always laughing, smiling, full of energy but had been kicked out of his parents' house in middle school, never graduated highschool, worked 50+ hours as a delivery biker in Chicago (with its notoriously bad weather) and ate ramen noodles for every meal. A coworker ESFP friend of mine hadn't seen his parents since he was 18 (probably ~37 when I met him), and worked for 11 years 12 hours a day with 15 minutes break at a coke plant near the Mexican border where he made 60 pallets in an hour by himself. That's one pallet per minute, one man, one nailgun. He was also one of the most carefree and grateful people I've met.
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    Akko Kagari is one of you, I'm sure of that.

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    Tidus from Final Fantasy X, which is ironic, since even in the game he technically doesn't 'exist'.
    His moves are pretty bad-ass though, and Tidus on permanent haste is just cake~

    Then there's Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, who's supposed to be the main protagonist, but instead is only there to present a viewpoint towards the other characters and how the story unfolds, basically being a playable NPC.
    He has the most bad-ass (and somehow most unfitting) final mist ability of all the characters IMO.

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    Great teacher Onizuka is ESFP

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Dora View Post
    Does it bother anyone else that ESFPs are generally the comic relief in fiction? Both books and movies alike. I might be biased, because I obviously look at my own more than any other MBTI type, but it seems to me, that if someone is shallow, irresponsible, and a kind smiley prankster, it means they are ESFP. There might be some characters, that are typed differently elsewhere, nevertheless...

    Homer Simpson - Simpsons
    Philip Fry - Futurama
    Joey Tribiani - Friends
    Sookie St. James - Gilmore Girls
    Serena Vanderwoodsen - Gossip Girl
    Jonathan Carnahan - The Mummy
    Samantha Jones - Sex and the City
    Random Weasleys - Harry Potter

    There are plenty.

    I've actually found a list with a bazillion characters in fiction sorted by MBTI, and there are a couple better developed ones. Which well-developed ESFPs in fiction are your favorites?

    This is the list: Character List - Funky MBTI in Fiction
    OMG Serena Van Der Woodsen. Fell so hard for this character lol. You know you love me xoxo gossip girl.
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    Tenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble is ESFP

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    Does it bother anyone else that ESFPs are generally the comic relief in fiction?
    well, i see your concern about them being 'comic relief' but to be fair the majority of your list were sit-com characters, so...

    if someone is shallow, irresponsible, and a kind smiley prankster, it means they are ESFP.
    from reading op, i wasn't completely sure if i understood this correctly. my first reaction was that i doubt writers sit around thinking in terms of mbti types like, 'let's create an esfp character to put into this, and let's make him the comic relief' or something like that. but now i'm wondering if your complaint is about how fans popularly type these characters and their motivation behind them? i don't know.

    i don't tend to see esfp types as 'shallow' really. i see shallow use of functions plenty of times, but i've never attributed that to type, just general immaturity/ human limitations. same with irresponsibility. the kind, smiley prankster, yeah, i can see that a lot in my (suspected) esfp friends/ acquaintances now that i think about it (not that they're the only ones), and definitely in my husband. a lot! xD

    i've always heard darth vador was intj (the usual villain (stereo)type), but i dont know how to type him as a) he's evil and i find evil characters to be harder to type unless i can get a very good look into their motivations, and b) i would need to watch those *other three* movies with anakin in order to get a better look at him and nope. just nope. although i mentioned it to my husband, who has seen them, and he said he could easily see him being an esfp. (he hated those movies, so he doesn't care to reflect on them that much, lol.) so i'll just take everybody's word for it on here. ;p

    i brought up rapunzel to him and he gave me some pretty interesting input. he believes that she's an enfp, not esfp. she has so little contact with the outside world, and by using only three books she has been able to thoroughly cover the entire inside of her tower with striking artwork, which he believes was a very intuitive process, taking so little information and being able to so strongly visualize with such a high level of accuracy what she wanted to paint. when there is a problem which needs to be solved, she doesn't scan her environment in order to see what things she can manipulate to her advantage; rather, she looks within herself to assess what skills she uniquely has (in particular, using her hair as a tool), to find something which matches up with THAT. for instance, once they ran out of the tunnel and being pursued by the guards she instantly knew what she wanted to DO in order to escape, she just needed to find something to hook her hair onto in order to do it (the irrigation chutes or whatever those are). in a similar fashion, in the next scene when they were trapped in the cave with the water filling up, it was by talking about herself that triggered the solution within her. she has lived completely closed off from the world and has a very stable, well-developed sense of introversion, which by both our studies we have found that enfps excel at and esfps seem to struggle with (and is certainly his case). her relationship with mother gothel is entirely viewed in terms of what might be or what could be, and she has little sense of what it really is. he also mentioned that for what it's worth, rapunzel by far is the most similar to me out of all the disney princesses.

    in my opinion, there's a lot of si+ne happening in her while she views the 'floating lights' every year on her birthday, which is why she painted a whole mural about herself, now an adult, finally going to see them in person, and a yearning built up within her based on that in tandem with her desire to explore the world so that she can become better acquainted with it. she charts the stars, making the remark that they are constant (and therefore are not logically the source of the floating lights she sees every year on her birthday), not out of any se sense that i can discern, but because she wants to understand them. the profound things in life which lie outside of reach to an enfp tend to create that sense of yearning to understand them in some way if we can't actually reach out and touch them and experience them in some way. and going back to the floating lights is the question in her mind, why do i see those lights on my birthday? what is the connection there? this means something deep and profound to me, but what exactly? her experience within the castle town is filled with making ne type connections, the way she dances and involves herself with everyone, the abstract way she expresses herself in her art, the way she studies the mosaic of the royal family, and later when she finally returns to her tower and sees what she has been subconsciously including in her paintings all her life. the way she interacts with the men in the bar seems to come with a strong dose of nf influence and heart-reading.

    we have also agreed for a long time that flynn ryder is an esfp or estp, but we haven't gone into a thorough analysis about him, so who knows.

    edit: i mentioned ariel to him, and he disagrees with the assessment that she is enfp and figures her to be an esfp. like rapunzel, she is closed off from the outside world, but her motivations seem to be different. she tends to see the world around her more than she looks within herself, and is more in tune with what is rather than what could be. the reason she collects all those little items is due to her se nature wanting to experience the sensations of the outside world and so she brings little pieces of it to herself. when she's in trouble she doesn't assess what she's capable of, but instead scans the environment for answers which lie outside of her. the excitement when she arrives on the surface world, the look on her face was that she was so overwhelmed by the sensations. she also seems to be very present-oriented, moreso than future-oriented.
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    Anakin Skywalker
    Prince of Persia
    Luis Lopez (GTA)

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