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How are you not an esfp stereotype?

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This is a discussion on How are you not an esfp stereotype? within the ESFP Forum - The Performers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Jeffrei It is possible to avoid the negative stereotypes, but to do it you need a lot ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrei View Post
    It is possible to avoid the negative stereotypes, but to do it you need a lot of self control. People who know that they are an esfp have the advantage because they already know what they are up against. Know that you know that your type generally likes to overspend you can set a strict budget. You know your type is more likely to over indulge so avoid drugs and achohal altogether (or place a strict limit on how much you consume). You know you are quite likely to flake out so tell people maybe instead of yes. Of course, the simple part is planning it. Doing it can be much harder.

    You're either being manipulative or you don't understand ESFPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks View Post
    You're either being manipulative or you don't understand ESFPs
    I’m not about to argue over a 3 year old post that I don’t remember so.... ok.

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    I have 2 close friends who type as ESFP and both of them are female , lmao.
    But , i have ESFP who isn't fit into ESFP stereotype. She isn't aggressive and hedonist unlike other ESFPs i know. Her Ni inf and Ne role are developed. And , sometimes. I mistype her as ENFX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoid View Post
    Oh, seems like it's a tie between ESFP and ESTP.
    Do you find yourself relating more to the Beta or Gamma quadra?

    Betas and gammas have different social interaction patterns. Betas such as ESTPs often like their social interactions to be as lighthearted as possible, they will often create a fun and lighthearted environment everywhere they go, and they like to crack jokes a lot and make people laugh. While gammas such as ESFPs are much more serious, their social interaction patterns often involves having one-to-one deep conversations with people and getting to know people intimately. Their purpose of social interactions isn't to make people laugh, but to exchange information and insights with people.
    Socionics Quadras: Beta
    Socionics Quadras: Gamma

    SLE vs SEE comparisons:
    Socionics Personality Types Comparison:

    SLE vs SEE general profile:
    Socionics Types: SLE-ESTp
    Socionics Types: SEE-ESFp

    Also, ESTP hates Fi while ESFP hates Ti. If you find yourself hating Fi more, this means you're an ESTP. But if you find yourself hating Ti more, this means you're an ESFP.
    Fi PoLR in SLE: Arguments about relationships, manifesting disrespect, dishonourableness
    Ti PoLR in SEE: Discussing matters of logical contradictions, reproaching with misunderstanding, showing one’s erudition
    Original source from: MBTI Listings — The Vulnerable Function (aka PoLR)

    And lol @ your multiple intelligence results, we have the same type of intelligence, my strongest intelligence is also intrapersonal intelligence, followed behind by musical. xD
    I think people mistake ESFPs as gossipers then!

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    i dont care about impressing with my appearance, i dont care about sex at all, im on the internet more than i am outdoors, and if we're being honest I have no idea how people actually get to the center of attention at parties lmfao. I'm lucky if I can get 4 people to look at me when I'm telling a story longer than 5 seconds

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyboy View Post
    I agree with the Garden Gnome. People aren't stereotypes. Even if that is true, I still like to see how people are different from the stereotypes. It's fun to see how everybody, even in these specific categories, are so incredibly different.

    I differ from the stereotypical ESFP by:
    - Staying inside, alone most of the time
    - Not making as many "risky decisions" (the rationality overrides the temptation to do many risky things, for me)
    - Loving philosophical thinking
    - Not caring for sex

    There are obviously many more. We don't live in a cookie cutter society, and almost nobody will fully fit into the stereotypes in Myers-Briggs.
    I agree with this post a lot, and those things are true for me as well. Imagine if everyone fit into exact stereotypes, the entire world would be 16 variations of literal clones and what we have is exactly not that. There might be 16 categories in this theory, but that doesn't mean everyone in the same type are going to be the same person. I've seen some pretty ridiculous bs generalizations that forget this, and it makes people mislead into the wrong type because they don't fit some sort of pre-requisite. "Help I'm stuck between ENFP and ESFP" *reads none of it* "oNlY EnFpS would care THIS much about the theory to make a TYPE ME post. ESFPs are out clubbing and twerking LOLS" This is exactly how I mistyped as ENFP awhile back, because I kept getting flooded with all of that junk but I eventually came back to realizing I'm ESFP because of my actual cognition/motivations and how I process information which is what this entire thing is measuring in the first place

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    I am not a party animal, I do not often know what to say to people..I’m not a sparkling conversationalist

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