[ESTJ] Does ESTJ and ENFJ is a good match?

Does ESTJ and ENFJ is a good match?

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This is a discussion on Does ESTJ and ENFJ is a good match? within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Is that possible for ESTJ being with ENFJ? Can they being friends? Sent from my SM-G360H using Tapatalk...

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    Does ESTJ and ENFJ is a good match?

    Is that possible for ESTJ being with ENFJ? Can they being friends?

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    There was another ESTJ woman on here than was like smitten with an ENFJ so yea I guess lol.
    It's a super ego relationship in socionics.

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    As the poster above said, it's called a relationship of super-ego. This relationship is alike admiration from a distance, but once the two people become close things get much worse for them. Thing is that ENFJ and ESTJ don't share any cognitive functions, which brings on many misunderstandings between them. Thus it is best to keep this relationship on a casual note and appreciate each other's company from a distance.

    I do know of an ENFJ who married an ESTJ. What followed was a divorce. She said it was only later into the relationship that she discovered how different they really are.

    If you want to read further: Types and relationships for ESTJs & Relationship types for ENFJs.
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    sounds like fiyaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    As an ESTJ, I've been married to a fantastic ENFJ and it has been INCREDIBLE. For reals though, my detail work partners well with my amazing dreamer. Yea there's frustration and sometimes I don't understand her feelings, but we communicate like crazy. Honestly that's what relationships are anyway. She's helped me learn how to dream even if I can't see the physical details in getting there. She helps me learn to be more sympathetic towards trash people. In the same way, I help her become more honest with others and not get trampled on. She's grown incredibly in her own ability to organize and communicate. Point being, it is awesome, but like any personality types can be toxic without communication.
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    This is called super ego relations I think
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