[ESTJ] Shout out to ESTJ men (and women)

Shout out to ESTJ men (and women)

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This is a discussion on Shout out to ESTJ men (and women) within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; I don't know if there are currently any ESTJ males who are active on this site since it's literally flooded ...

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    Shout out to ESTJ men (and women)

    I don't know if there are currently any ESTJ males who are active on this site since it's literally flooded by NFs and NTs lol.

    But you guys don't get enough love. I appreciate ESTJs so much. If I had to marry an ideal type, it'd be an ESTJ guy.
    And if it's not romantic, we make GREAT drinking buddies. It's always a blast hanging out with you.

    Maybe because we share the exact same functions, it's so easy to get along with you guys and to understand where you're coming from even if we don't always agree on matters and take different actions.

    I have an ESTJ brother and what I appreciate about him is that while he's aware of my flaws and when I point out his, he doesn't blow up or take it personally. He reflects on it and does try to improve and I do the same for him. We help each other grow.

    ESTJ guys have that perfect balance between ESTP's sense of adventure, but also the solid groundedness of ISTJ. I like the balanced middle ground.

    ESTJs are romantic af and don't let any stereotype or anyone tell you otherwise. You guys are sweet, protective and selfless for and of your loved ones.

    ESTJ can challenge me and encourage me to think logically when I'm in the heat of emotion with an understanding that isn't all obnoxious Ni dominating the convo/argument or Ti nitpicking.

    In other words, ESTJs are sexy as hell.

    There's really no point to this post other than me showering you guys with love.

    I appreciate you guys so much. Stay awesome but you know you guys are.
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