[ESTJ] Dear [personality type], ... sincerely [personality type].

Dear [personality type], ... sincerely [personality type].

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This is a discussion on Dear [personality type], ... sincerely [personality type]. within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Dear ESTJs, I noticed you guys didn't have one of these, so I thought I'd put one over here. The ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Dear [personality type], ... sincerely [personality type].

    Dear ESTJs,

    I noticed you guys didn't have one of these, so I thought I'd put one over here.

    The concept is simple. You can say something to someone in your real life that you would never actually say to them by simply referring to them as their MBTI type, or the type you suspect they are, and posting it here rather anonymously.

    It's mostly a venting thread, but it's possible that someone of that type might be able to shed some light on your concerns from that person's perspective.


    INFJ who likes to help out
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    Dear Everyone,


    Strawman ESTJ portrayed by cheeky ENFP
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    Dear ESTJ,
    Please stop talking about all the specifics and details about farming/buildings. I really don't care at all. How the hell do you expect me to know how many square feet there is that covers my school?
    An ENFP concerned for your social skills

    Wow, this turned out to be more like a vent than I intended Am I okay? I just don't know.
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    Dear ENTJ,

    It is obviously not meant to be. Ghosting / door slamming - have proven that it was intense and fun- but was not meant to be.

    You are meant to be with Ms. Madison. You should get married in a beautiful beach wedding and live in wedded bliss for the rest of your lives. She is obviously your soul mate.

    Have a good life.


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    Dear ENFP's,

    Fill out form 3b in triplicate and make an appointment with the sub-forum secretary before you visit next time.



    P.S. Seriously, this sub-forum is deader than a door-nail. PLEASE COME BACK AND BRING FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!

    -Enamored in ESTJville-

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    There has yet to be a comment from an ESTJ lol

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    Dear ISTJ,

    I do as I please.

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    Dear ESTJ,

    I'm angry with you. That was a really shitty thing to do. And sometimes I feel like you don't care at all. We were best friends, so I didn't expect you to do what you did.

    But you did.

    I hate you so much. You're such a horrible person and it embarrasses me how much I used to defend your name when someone talked bad about you. I feel so ashamed.

    And yet I still miss you.

    With a heavy heart,
    An ex-best friend

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    I didn't know where else to put this, so here goes.

    Dear ESTJ at work,

    Holy shit I breathe a sigh of relief whenever you show up and routinely ask me to explain the chaos that is behind the counter. I've read a lot of crap about ESTJs in general, but there have legit been times where I feel I've never been happier to see someone in my life. Compared to the other idiots I'm forced to share my space with, you're actually super reliable and know practically everything I don't care to memorize. You're old but still have a good and snarky sense of humor, your instructions are simple and effective, you're nice to everyone who deserves it, and you do what you're supposed to do. You may not be someone super important in the grand scheme of things, but who you are represents everything good that makes sense in the world. For people like me, that's totally role model-worthy. Thank you.

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