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This is a discussion on ESTJ Fashion within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; What about jewelry? I inherited a gold snake ring from my grandma and I love it so much. Then me ...

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    What about jewelry?

    I inherited a gold snake ring from my grandma and I love it so much.

    Then me and my friends went to this art exhibition and I saw a handcrafted silver ring, which fits perfectly in my middle finger. It's like this:

    But instead of one big eye, it has two small white marble eyes.

    So now I'm wearing both of them on my middle fingers.

    Other than that, I also like ethnic bracelet, like these:

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    My style is Vintage Casual. American Eagle Outfitters is pretty much the only place I shop for clothing. I dont where suits much(not that i dont like to dress up, just dont have many reasons to wear one). Banana Republic suit, made in Egypt, black pin stripe with tie and wear with a Black Fedora. Ive always liked the 50's kind of suit style era.

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    Unknown Personality

    Clean, neat, comfortable :)
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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    Just registered. So lets start with the first topic.

    1. Yes, the principals mentioned in a quoted text in the first post are true. That's ESTJ basics!

    2. I like them to be high quality, timeless, made from good materials and fit well. I like basic colours like black, blue, grey and white. I dont hesitate to spend a considerable amount of money if I find something really fascinating - though I rarely buy anything if the price is not reduced.

    3. I like to look what is appropriate at the time and situation. A good rule is that its a bigger failure to be undressed than slightly overdressed. I like to look formal but not to boost my presence unnecessarily with my appearance.

    4. I usually maintain my clothes wery carefully and thats why they usually lasts for years. I have a lot of 5-10 years old clothing that are still in shape and use. I like classic Italian brands like Boss, Armani and Zegna to name a few. Though it is essential that the brand is not visible - I dont want to be the brands commercial and I dont want other people to know that I have expensive clothes. Discretion is always in fashion!

    My weaknesses are nice leather shoes and italian silk ties - I have a ridiculous amount of them, though all are in frequent use.

    5. Sorry, I dont have time to take pictures or browse them from web. ;)
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Yup, I agree with the original post just from observing my evil ESTJ step-dad. He keeps clothes for decades although they're well-preserved. Tucks in his shirt. Usually wears cold or muted colors. Unremarkable style, really.

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    Do you find this description somewhat true?

    Somewhat. I do not like ironing, so my clothes are rarely ironed (only my button-down shirts get this treatment). That being said, I will not wear clothes that are a wrinkly mess!

    What are your considerations in choosing clothes?

    For work clothing, I wear suits or pants with a blazer. So if it doesn't fit that description, I don't buy it for work. For my personal clothing, I buy based on fit, comfort, and color. I love shoes, and buy them based on quality and style (everything from platform heels to sandals). While my clothing is generally traditional, I wear a lot of bright, jewel tone colors (I have dark hair and light skin, so they complement my coloring).

    What do you want to look like?

    For work, I want to look professional and polished. For personal, I want to look comfortable and put together.

    How do you define your fashion style?

    I don't really have a style. I wear what looks good on my body type, and what I like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post
    I read about ESTJ fashion from socionic site.

    It said:

    My questions to you ESTJs:

    1. Do you find this description somewhat true?
    2. What are your considerations in choosing clothes?
    3. What do you want to look like?
    4. How do you define your fashion style?
    5. Show me some of your clothing & fashion style.
    1. No.
    2. Does it fit well, look nice, match multiple things in my closet, and feel comfortable.
    3. Harley Davidson motocyclist and high profile business executive.
    4. Hollywood assistant-esque.
    5. ; ; ;
    6. I wear number five pretty much every day. I just change up the colors.
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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    My questions to you ESTJs:

    1. Yes, though I am finding a more feminine side to my wardrobe recently, and have been branching out with colors.
    2. Does it cover me? Is it too tight? Do I like it? Will it last through spills, spitups and everything else my baby might get on me?
    3. I want to look classy, and at ease.
    4. 50's style, classy, classic, refined.
    I usually wear heels, even though at 5'8 another 4 inches makes me a tall woman. I make most of my own clothes because I can never find anything that I like, fits well, and isn't immodest. (the last picture is of me in a high waisted skirt I made)
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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    1. Do you find this description somewhat true? Yes to a certain extend.
    2. What are your considerations in choosing clothes? First quality, cutting, practical then price.It is better to get a good quality clothes than to get 10 of those which gets wear and tear easily. I prefer to buy clothes that doesn't require ironing most of the time and such clothing exist Haha. Yes I look for classic ones, if you are wearing those striking ones people will remember and if you wear it a few times people will remember you have that before. Yes neat and clean. I don't over accessorize myself, simple is good.
    3. What do you want to look like? I don't particulary want to look like somebody. I usually dress in a more feminine way and I like those one piece dresses so that I can save time in the morning before rushing to go to work and I can get a few more minutes to sleep. I love heels too but I have to take a more practical approach. If I have to be in a hurry that morning, I would wear flats for sure, if I have plenty of time to slowly make my way to the office and I have some functions to go to in the evening I would pick my heels. In the summer, its definately dresses/skirt because it is hot. Winter time, pants and trousers and boots to keep myself warm. I like jackets and coats too. I like colours preferably without any prints. Any colours you name it, I think I can find that in my wardrobe.
    4. How do you define your fashion style? Classic, Feminine, Clean, Comfortably Fit (nothing too tight or too loose).
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    This what I'm about to say is serious and Real Talk! I love looking GOOD! When we as in (humans) are being social or in society the language that we speak the majority of the time is non-verbal! So, if that's the case I want to make sure that what I'm saying is clear and could be understood! I'm expressing myself and I do take out time to think about what I'm going to wear but when that moment comes I go with my instinct and for some reason my day flows on along! Cool, Calm, and Collective! There's a saying, "When you look good, you feel good!" Of course that"s how I like to start off the day! Even when I'm at home I'm looking good! Some people say cocky, I say I'm "grateful". When I look at this if all this above fail, the worst I can do is at least put some thought into what I'm wearing!

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