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This is a discussion on ESTJ Fashion within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Do you find this description somewhat true? Yes to a degree, I tend to favor a simple sleek style rather ...

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    Do you find this description somewhat true?
    Yes to a degree, I tend to favor a simple sleek style rather than colorful clothing pieces and fashion that are currently in trend. However, my tastes in fashion does not always show in what I wear mainly because I don't prioritize looking feminine but more so comfortable.

    What are your considerations in choosing clothes?
    I choose clothes mainly on comfort. I am not a feminine girl and so I tend to wear many neutral colors, jeans, button up blouses, jackets and coats.

    What do you want to look like?
    I want to look decent and presentable but effortless and comfortable.

    How do you define your fashion style?
    My style is very simple, boyish and smart casual.

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    I'm guessing OP is no longer active but someone has to keep these threads alive:

    1. When in decent shape, I pretty much only want to wear high-end dress shirt and slacks (no tie or sport coat...too formal for Silicon Valley). Form is more important than comfort...I'd rather look haute than be comfortable. Same goes for my shoes. Right now I need a minor surgery but normally I'd prefer Ferragamo's.

    2. Price (if it didn't hurt, it isn't worth it), quality, haute-ness (is that a compound word?)...comfort last.

    3. Did you ever see the film Office Space? There is a scene when some rap music is playing and Ron Livingston walks down a corridor with air blowing his suit coat up...yeah, pretty much like that.

    4. Hahaha, now? Cartoon character...I wear the exact same thing (not the same article but same outfit) every day. If I can get back in shape, I will drop the Bart Simpson routine.

    5. Glasses, black t-shirt, Levi's belt, Levi's jeans, Ecco shoes of various types. Oh, and Rolex...
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    I might be a bit late to the party here, but in my personal experience, I prefer clothes that are practical while still being decent looking. That being said, price is considered, along with fine details such as materials used as a secondary but still important (or determining factor). Also, whenever that Ne breaks out, I'll probably wear something that fits my other criteria, but is quite different in style to what i would normally wear, or others wear in general. Regardless though, it still has to be practical and decent looking

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    1. I dont think so. I m not agree with classical.
    2. I prefer the brand.
    3. I want to look like a normal person look.
    4. I dont know how to dress well.
    5. I couldn't show you.

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    I wear mostly black these days. It looks professional and doesn't require effort in the morning before work.

    In my off hours, I pretty much wear the same thing, although I may switch out for blue jeans.

    I tossed all bright colored clothes about two years back. I'm not much for summer/spring palettes.

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    Even though I work in an office, the dress code is casual. I usually wear nice jeans and top, or a semi casual dress; both coupled with low wedges.

    I wear pretty much the same thing in my off time although sometimes I'll throw in leggings and a long top. I'm frequently told I look like I'm dressed to "go somewhere" even though I'm dressed normally imo. I don't do sweat pants.

    Colors...I love bright colors, but I try to keep it to blue and coordinating colors.

    I wear makeup nearly every day, but I prefer to look natural. Light bb cream, anti sebum powder, blush, mascara, lip. Maybe eye liner and matching shadow. I save my adventurous color for lip stain. I cannot stand the contouring/strobing craze.

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    My answer could be skewed a bit because I am a blind ESTJ, but maybe not, I am not sure. I usually don't let blindness get the better of things either. but I agree with most of it if not all. My close may look a bit fancier and only for one reason, I think my dresses are especially, not so my clothes. I have one or two things I bought because of textured reasons and those look plain enough too I bought two fandom based shirts and I don't wear those really. The aforementioned, one reason, I delegate my shopping to my ISFJ mother. I dislike shopping, especially for clothes. Once in a while I go CD shopping, and I use to do grocery shopping when I lived alone of course. that's the extent of shopping. I went purse shopping once because I needed more, I use purses as just regular bags and they break. Can I do it, even because I am blind? Yes, I am an ESTJ after all, if I want to do it nothing is going to stop me, I get out of my house all the time and know how to get around at least three counties in California. You can't get me lost in my own city. I can ask someone to go with me and describe stuff. One big problem. As long as I am comfortable I really don't care as long as I look presentable at least. So I ask someone else to do it. I specify plainness. I've been told I look very nice. It's not like I care either way. Also, I don't want to think about what I ware, I'll think about will this keep me warm enough maybe, but beyond that, no.

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