What i should?

What i should?

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This is a discussion on What i should? within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Most of the time i find this situation , when a person try to fight with me and i stop ...

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    What i should?

    Most of the time i find this situation , when a person try to fight with me and i stop myself, because it is not in my nature. But other person think this act as my weakness and try to intense his action. Should i behave in same manner.

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    Perhaps General Discussion would be a better place for this discussion? I get that you're trying to bulk up these forums with some discussion matter, but it'd be better if it was decent matter instead of thread spam.

    On Topic - Ignore them, go about your business as you would have had you not been interrupted. If physical confrontation occurs, just pick yourself up and move on about your way unless you feel your self respect or honour is on the line, then, attack with maximum pressure needed as fast as possible to achieve dismantling of that person. Read some physiology books to find out where good places to hurt a person are. You're in a good position globally to learn Varma Kalai. It's a martial art I've always wanted to learn, and would be of great help to you in those circumstances. If it is really not in your nature to hurt someone, then try to avoid it at all costs. It's better to be punched and suffer some small pain and then heal, than break your sense of self.

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    I started having bullies when I was 14 (my first year at high-school) and I beleived in the ignore thing, it didn't work, and as time passed I had stayed in the ignore so long that I couldn't stick up for myself when the bullying got bad, because I couldn't unlearn it. I wish I stood up for myself originally.

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    THank you very much for your great advise i personally feel that it will work.

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    Advise is active, a verb. Advice is the noun.



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