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This is a discussion on Hug for the ESTJs within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; "My mother is an ESTJ...and she let me know up front that she'd clean my room if I didn't, but ...

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    "My mother is an ESTJ...and she let me know up front that she'd clean my room if I didn't, but all the little knick-knacks I collect and anything else she considered superfluous was fair game for the garbage if it became her project."

    What a crack up. I don't have kids yet but i can so image myself employing this tactic!
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    I am an INFP. ESTJ's look mean, but they are the SJ's I trust the most. Once you get past that tough exterior, you find an extremely friendly individual much unlike the ESFJ whose sweetness soon dries out, and you find a mean cold-hearted reptile inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by daphne lily View Post
    My "T" is at 100%. I don't like to think I'm 'insensitive' as much as not sensitive to everything, or overly sensitive. If I wasn't sensitive, I wouldn't have responded to this!
    ESTJ just don't have time for nonsense!
    I find this thing of having no time for nonsense quite 'nonsensical', infp

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    I was dating an ESTJ once upon a time.

    The basis of our relationship was that we both disliked hugs.
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    I believe one of my former English teachers was an ESTJ. The first few weeks were awful as for some reason, I did not get along with her and neither of us understood why. After a talk with her she initiated, I grew to appreciate her more and she became one of my favourite teachers, especially because of how hilariously straightforward she could be. She could be scary and very strict but eh, her lessons were really effective and easy to understand.

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    I think my brother in law is either an ESTJ or ENTJ, but I'm leaning more towards ESTJ. He's very straight forward, sociable, helpful to his community and a hands on problem solver for many. Even if you don't ask him, he helps in the way he thinks is right. This is a double edged sword. Sometimes, it's welcomed and appreciated but when it's not welcomed, even if you politely hint to him you don't want the "help", he will continue to urge the "help" forward. Like he comes into my office and tells me I'm living like a vampire and opens my curtains and I do a nervous laugh and say "it's okay the sunlight burns, you can leave it closed" and he just goes "come onnnn, you need some sunlight". I know he means well, I understand it even, but wow, he is really persistent and doesn't know how to take no for an answer.
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