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Are INFP and ESTJ a good match?

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This is a discussion on Are INFP and ESTJ a good match? within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Originally Posted by Paragon Quite frankly, ESTJ's scare me. I don't ever see how I could even approach one in ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paragon View Post
    Quite frankly, ESTJ's scare me. I don't ever see how I could even approach one in the first place.
    Depends on the ESTJ imo. My brother is one, and he wouldn't hurt a fly. Although, I think an INFP who is more high-maintenance would have a tough time with him. He sometimes might step on people's Fi values and accidentally offend them, and he rarely apologizes.

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    I wouldn't mind someone just grounded and stable these days.
    I always had a thing for ENTPs, but recently, after being around a few so frequently...I'm just tired of fluff and irrelevant nonsense, people pleasing and man-child behaviour paired with pointless over-thinking (I mean we can't both be constantly analysing everything -- it doesn't bring out the best in me). Being around my boss is probably the closest thing to an ESTJ (he is ISTJ) and we get along quite well.

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    I got an ESTJ co-worker, she's cool and I get the feeling there is something between us.

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