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This is a discussion on Ask an ESTJ within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Alright let's hit all these up because I am INCREDIBLY BORED in class and they're good questions! Originally Posted by ...

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    Alright let's hit all these up because I am INCREDIBLY BORED in class and they're good questions!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dumaresq View Post
    Works for me. Not like there was some right answer. ;)

    How about this...if you were going to go to jail for something in your lifetime, what do you think it would most likely be for?
    I'd say 'murder' but realistically, I don't think I could kill another human being unless it was under pretty serious duress/to protect others... ie. I'd shoot/stab someone who was going to kill someone else, but I wouldn't just murder somebody who pissed me off. My rage is rarely personally fuelled that way.

    Realistically, I'd go to jail for helping patients have access to potentially illegal treatment protocols and assisted suicide. The Supreme Court here has ruled it can be 'a thing' here in Canada now, but until the legislation comes that isn't particularly helpful. Depending on the case and the level of personal risk, I'd be willing to put my life on the line to give someone else a dignified death. I'd probably go to prison for doing it to a family member or my husband, if the case were necessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumaresq View Post
    What's one parenting principal you believe in?
    Let your children say "no" when it's appropriate, but do not allow them to use it as a weapon of control or manipulation. There are so many people who think that letting a kid under 4 cry and scream is going to somehow hurt them. News flash: it's not. I've got a degree in child psychology so letting them develop opinions on foods, books, etc. is a very good thing! But asking them "do you want broccoli?" is a fucking stupid thing to ask... of course they're just going to say no!

    Early intervention for speech language development is important too, especially if they think the child has an impediment or learning disability....

    oh also VACCINATE THEM for the love of god I can't even talk about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by AdroElectro View Post
    I would love to hear about how you feel about your tertiary Ne, how it shows up in your thinking, and how it manifests in your daily life.
    It manifests a lot more in ESJs than I think other types (mostly NTs) would ever care to admit. We're able to apply a lot of weird situational information to get the job done. While the stereotype is that if an ESTJ walks into a room at work and the supply closet is all changed around, we lose our shit and start sobbing in the corner, that's so wrong it's hilarious. I walk into the room, go 'wtf why..." and Ne takes over, gearing up with Te to say "well it must be because of this... or because this is a better arrangement... well this looks like the supply room on the 3rd floor now!" and Ta-daa dissonance solved.

    It also allows me to be able to talk out of my ass magnificently. Loads of people, my good N-type friends included think I 'know something about everything' when the fact is I'm just able to superimpose logic and memories of other vaguely similar things onto a new piece of knowledge and form an understanding.

    Quote Originally Posted by mihai.88. View Post
    Sorry for the 3 questions, I'd probably ask even more but then nobody else would get to ask anything, I guess...

    How do you react to (close) people ignoring you?
    How do you react when you see unrealistic things in historical movies or movies that are suppose to present some sort of realism?
    What type of leisure activity do you like? and if you play PC games, what's your favorite ones?
    1. Not particularly well. Just went through this with a friend who decided not to message me back on 4 occasions between New Years and now. I messaged him one last time saying "this is fucking shit, we've been friends for 10 years and if you don't want to be that's cool, but at least say it". He messaged me back grovelling and I realized we have nothing in common anymore anyway, so I never messaged him back. I never get malicious about it, I typically let them go. I'm usually the one casually 'ignoring' my friends... the people I am closest friends with are ones I now only speak to once a week, and that's really all we need.

    If my husband ignores me I can get right pissed, but that impacts my life here and now which is different.

    2. Usually a "pffffft as if that could happen!". If whoever I'm with is interested I'd explain, but usually it's just a good scoff and my opinion of the film/game can take a pretty significant dip. It depends how obvious a detail it is too... major cultural issues/appropriations and weird racist stuff really gets under my skin but having technology that didn't even exist? Come on,.... basic research.

    3. I write fanfiction and original fiction, mostly young adult/new adult fantasy and short adult horror... I don't read as much as I used to but I do get through a book every 2 weeks or so reading on my tablet while I'm on the treadmill. I'm an avid runner and exercise every day, and I run a pretty popular fitness blog that takes up a fair bit of my spare time sometimes. I spend a lot of time researching topics of interest like makeup reviews and new products, the news, DIY projects, MBTI/PT stuff, etc....

    I do play some video games but not on PC, I just don't really like PC gaming as much as I like it on consoles... I've always preferred Macs as well and grew up with them, so I never "got into" PC gaming.

    I like console games like Bioshock, the many Arkham games, L.A. Noire.. played a load of FPS back in the day. I play loads of Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and the like on my 3DS. I like games that have a long story line, RPGs tend to be my way to go. Anything with a good story, I'll play. Sadly I don't have a lot of time now.

    Quote Originally Posted by JA Grey View Post
    I've asked these on the istj forum

    1) what is your opinion on the "supervisor" and "guardian" nicknames?
    2) do you endorse speech laws?
    1) Guardian tends to work for me but that's way more an 8 thing than an ESTJ thing in my opinion. Not much about my functions makes me a guardian the way I'd consider the word... I think they meant 'guardian of traditions/mores/whatever' which couldn't be much further from the truth. My values, traditions, holiday ideals, etc are INCREDIBLY personal and yes, I prefer to maintain them in the way that means the most to me, which is rarely the way my extended family likes it (tonnes of 40+ year old SJ's up in there fucking up my fun). I think 'Executor' would be more appropriate.

    'Supervisor'.... eh. This only happens when I'm stuck doing group work and I know for a fact the other people are fucking morons. I've been known my whole life for 'carrying' my teams but it's not because I am a control freak, almost the opposite. I just hate telling people what to do. If somebody doesn't pony up, I'll do it my damn self.

    2) To put it plainly, I agree with freedom of speech laws but nobody is entitled to think that it protects them from retaliation when they act like a c***. Talk shit, get hit. If you're scared to put your name on it, maybe there's a good fucking reason for that.

    Hate speech laws in my country cover what is necessary and I believe they'll remain necessary for some time. Again, if you want to spout off some homophobic racist bullshit, just do it in your own back yard. Freedom of speech also doesn't mean anybody has to listen to you. At all.

    For example, my super conservative bible thumping Grandmother (ESTJ too jfc) remains convinced it's a violation of Freedom of Speech for us to ban Westboro Baptist Church from entering Canada. No. No it's not. They break hate speech laws constantly, have incredibly disruptive public behaviour, etc. They're entitled to say whatever the heck they want, and they do that in the US and other countries, and online and so on. They're not entitled to think they can bring that garbage up here, or that there wouldn't be consequences for their actions. Other countries with similar hate speech laws have also barred them.

    *takes deep breath* lol
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    How do you judge the worth of people?

    What do you consider a great act of kindness?

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    @Dumaresq ,

    I think that the monetary worth of someone would be their current capital added with a scalar multiplied by their potential capital in the future. However, a person's worth to me is completely subjective, and thus a general consensus would be difficult to achieve. I personally think that people are invaluable in a personal sense, replaceable in an industrial sense, and in comparison to others, equal. I sometimes have difficulty empathizing with those who have lost a loved one, because 1) ESTJs just aren't very empathetic, and 2) Many people die every day. It's a fact of life. Move on, even if it's hard.

    I consider a great act of kindness to be one in which the one who acted served another without an expectation or recognition, praise, thanks, or something in return. Secondly, but perhaps more significantly, spending time with someone. We all have a truly very limited time here on Earth, and when someone is willing to spend a lot of it with you, even in your down times, then that person has shown you great kindness.

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    An ask ESTJ finally!

    I will just continue with my enquiry here.

    Do you like watching sports or e-sports? Whats your opinion on things like fanatic-like fans?
    If you were in the building business, would you rather be doing designs of modern houses (make the idea), make them functional and buildable (realize the idea) or maybe be in a process of construction (physical labor)? You can elaborate.

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    Are your strongest memories good or bad?

    What sense tends to dominate past memories (sight, sound, smell, eye)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinina View Post
    Hmm, hard one (haven't thoutht that much about it since I'm 17..) but I'll try.
    I think I'll take a few strong and obvious rules, a lot of freedom, surrounded by a lot of love all the time. *note to self: not being too protective*
    Does that count as a rule? It was kinda three...
    Instill traditional family values (family above others, honesty, respect, give your best effort & be forgiving) & lay the foundation for good character by instilling basic morals (don't lie, cheat, steal or harm) during a child's formative years.
    School is no place for children to learn the basics, but rather a place that will test & attempt to corrupt a child's character.

    Spare the rod, but not to the extent of spoiling the child. I believe in gentle spanking for unacceptable behavior, but following up by discussing improvement toward expected behavior is critical to encouraging growth in the right direction.

    Think think think before you act, choose friends carefully & walk away from trouble whenever you can.
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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    What kinds of things do you do during you free time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumaresq View Post
    How do you judge the worth of people?

    What do you consider a great act of kindness?
    I believe that everyone has the same worth, but again I'm a subjective human being, and therefore value people different. So rather than saying that I judge the worth of people, I'd say I judge their worth to me, and what they can contribute with to me and to the society. If they don't do what they're assigned on time, that would decrease this. If they hinder the progression of things by being plain stupid, things like that. But still, it doesn't decrease their actual worth or value, just how I view them.

    Something I'd consider a great act of kindness would be something you do for another person for the reason of helping them in some way, and not expecting something in return, even in form of recognition for what they've done.

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    How would you react if you just found out that your child has been drinking alcohol underage for a number of years without your knowledge and your spouse has known the entire time and never told you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by emberfly View Post
    How would you react if you just found out that your child has been drinking alcohol underage for a number of years without your knowledge and your spouse has known the entire time and never told you?
    I had a coronary just reading that.
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