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ESTJ females, which type are your significant others?

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This is a discussion on ESTJ females, which type are your significant others? within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Originally Posted by WickedQueen What I don't like is the forgetfulness. I feel like I'm their walking organizer book. The ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post
    What I don't like is the forgetfulness. I feel like I'm their walking organizer book.
    The indecisiveness. I can be very impatient and end up making a decision for them.

    The inconsistencies. Promises are made to be kept. If you said you'll come at 5, do come. If you don't wanna come, inform me earlier. Don't wait until I text you to ask if you will come or not, after waiting for you for 2 hours.

    The potential conflict may arise in communication problem. Lots of my real life INFPs aren't being direct. I'm very outspoken, but I'm not a mind reader. For me, if you didn't say it out loud about what's the problem and how you want it to be solved, I take that as there's nothing wrong and everything is just fine.

    Sometimes INFPs can be very subtle, I can't understand what they really want or what they want me to do. I'm an action person. If there's a problem, either I solve it or adjust to it. So if I heard complain or whine but there's no actual solution offered to fix the problem, I can be very upset.

    I think in a healthy relationship, both type can help each other to be more mature and balance. It is challenging, indeed, and nobody's perfect. But I guess it could be worth it if you're interested.
    Thanks so much for your response... It was really quite helpful to me.

    Ah yes, I have my weaknesses for sure. The indecisiveness is probably at the top. I am very open-ended as far as most things go. Maybe too flexible. Sometimes I just need the help of someone who is more decisive than I. I consider myself to be fairly consistent as far as what I say I'll do and what I'll do. I like to keep promises and make people happy, and I don't like to keep people waiting if I say I'll be somewhere at a certain time. However, I still screw that up every now and then. I can remember most of my schedule, but it isn't too complex. But I have to put some things on a calendar otherwise it may slip my mind completely.

    One thing I am really good at is written communication. So even if I can't quite explain what is going on or be direct on the spot, I can sit down and think and write out a really good (and probably long) explanation of how I feel and why. Maybe not so much on the what to do about it part, but at least a step towards it. My verbal expression is usually a bit awkward and vague and dreamy. I might be trying to say something but failing completely. It made sense in my mind, but not to anyone else! But I feel like I try anyway. If you are patient enough and let me spill it out slowly, it will eventually all make sense. Maybe. :)

    It's just kind of interesting that the ESTJs and INFPs fill in each other's weaknesses almost perfectly. My weaknesses would be your strengths and my strengths your weaknesses. Theoretically, this could be a really beautiful thing if each one takes the effort to understand and appreciate how they are different, and make the best of it. Which is kind of the point of ever trying to understand personality in the first place.

    Very interesting and helpful thoughts. Thanks again.

    And I might owe an apology to the OP for slightly derailing the conversation.

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    ESTJ - The Guardians

    ESTJ married to IXTJ
    All my buddies have been some form of INTP, INTJ, ISTJ
    I kinda have a type.
    Feelers wear me out.

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    ohh so true. I don't want to be dominated or to dominate. Why does no one view it like this. I'm never submissive. Just a companion where you have a reasonable discussion and then decide what to do together based on logic? This is my preference

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    Introverts and non-feelers are my preference. Everything else is up for grabs to some extent.

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