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Famous female ESTJ's?

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This is a discussion on Famous female ESTJ's? within the ESTJ Forum - The Guardians forums, part of the SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers category; Originally Posted by Etherea Those are flaws, though. Most of them are part of why my peers didn't like me ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etherea View Post
    Those are flaws, though. Most of them are part of why my peers didn't like me when I was young. Some of them are flaws associated with SJs.
    I don't think just having flaws where there's no consequence of those flaws changes the fact that she was a Mary Sue. In the beginning she was disliked by her peers, but as the book went on, without her changing anything about herself, Rowling simply forgot that Hermoine wasn't supposed to be liked. That aspect was simply ignored and written out without Hermoine changing a thing about herself.

    Compare her to other characters who had real flaws where they faced real consequences of those flaws. They reflected on them. Even Dumbledore recognized his mistakes and admitted them. Harry was always racked with self-doubt and consistently overcame what was flawed in him.

    If you can give me an instance where one of Hermoine's flaws had any consequences and she had to overcome some weakness, I might change my mind.
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