[ESTP] Hate talking on the phone?

Hate talking on the phone?

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This is a discussion on Hate talking on the phone? within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; I'm curious. Does anyone else hate talking on the phone? I don't mind texting and I don't mind talking in ...

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    Hate talking on the phone?

    I'm curious. Does anyone else hate talking on the phone? I don't mind texting and I don't mind talking in person, but I hate talking on the phone. I've pinpointed that I hate it because it doesn't allow me to multitask. When talking on the phone I have to basically sit there and pay attention to what the other person is saying and I'm not free to do anything else really. It makes me feel confined. When I do try to multitask while talking on the phone I end up missing what the other person is saying half the time and have to ask them to repeat themselves. I don't mind talking to people in person because I can interact with the environment with them and it gives more scope to the experience. I don't mind texting with people because I can do other things between texts. However on the phone, I feel like I am just trapped there doing nothing else but having a conversation. It makes me feel antsy and a little bored even when I'm enjoying the conversation. Anyone else feel this way?
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    *grins* My SO says I like talking on the phone. (mind you he is gone sometimes 2 weeks or more at a time and could be on an opposite schedule than me) I guess I do not mind it if it is not interfering with something more important. I can clean a whole house talking on the phone with a Bluetooth connection and not even realize it. So, I guess if it is mindless stuff~ cleaning or organizing~ I do not mind it. If it is reading or anything that involves undivided attention~I mind it. That is when I prefer text.

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    I really don't like it. Ironically, I worked in a call center and was the best performer there for a hot second.

    It's probably because my hearing/attention span isn't the best and I can coherently type what I am thinking and what I want to say much better than saying it.
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    I would say on average, no. I do not like talking on the phone. But there are a few people who are an exception. My baby sis lives a few states away so I will talk to her quite a while, often. My mother is in a secluded area I prefer not to drive out there, just to watch her comment on TV so when I speak with her (more rare) it can be long.

    I really find it annoying tho to have long extended drawn out texting convos unless it's a plan or a joke, just as much as awkward phone calls.
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    I am a huuuge phone talker! It depends on how much I want to talk though. If I'm working out on my elliptical/walking home, then yess I love chatting. Otherwise, I kind of hate texting unless I'm in a place where I can't talk.
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    Business - it's awesome, people are easier to convince & do business with on the phone rather than emails etc.
    Family - hate it. Mundane conversation, how are you, fine, yes family is all good, I'm fine you? Congratulations! blablabla.
    Friends - depends on specific person.
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    It varys, I prefer to see people when I interact with them. But generally prefer text.

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    I hate talking on the phone honestly

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    Omg.. I read your long post and same.

    It's not really i hate the person or i don't really like to talk with the person..

    It's just it's so fucking hard to listen. XD

    Specially I'm not really talkative you know.

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    I don't really mind. It's e-mail that I despise more than anything else in this world. Talking on the phone means I need to get something done fast, so it's more of a "I need to talk to you" situation. Otherwise I don't mind texting.

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