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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrogantly Grateful View Post

    Hilarious... but it is almost the same BPM and got the same metre structure. Both songs are produced for the masses, hence the same structure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwowq View Post
    Hilarious... but it is the same BPM.
    That, but many of the audio parts where the music changes, or the beat picks up etc sync up with specific moments in the video too.
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    Top Gun is one of the greatest movies of all time.

    Playing with the boys, indeed
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    Walks into Office Max today
    The kid working says
    “Welcome to Office Max, What are you here for”

    Lmao, me, was stunned maybe at his wording or approach looks at him dumb founded and answers without hesitation:
    “Office Supplies”

    Honestly I just moved on to go about my business
    What made me laugh was my daughter notifying me that is mean
    I really didn’t think it was mean
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    Funny...she did a decent job. Maybe, once or twice I drank from the bottle at like 4a.m. Eggs oh well~ Hell no lol Salmonella Poisoning lol anything else~ maybe. Home ec class may have instilled in me to have all ingredients ready before~ beginning *shrugs* Last but not least, I am not driving to the store for another dish. Another bottle of wine maybe lol

    Overall A for effort
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    My daughter texted me this which is funny...my kitten running around meowing in response to this kitten on the screen

    I hope they named it something good like Tiger
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    The new deadpool movie was something special

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCanSir View Post
    The new deadpool movie was something special
    Well, anything with Ryan Reynolds usually is. But, considering your comment was probably more facetious...How so? I liked part one.

    Peaky Blinders avatar? Interesting. Really good series!
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