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INFJ seeking ESTP validation!

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This is a discussion on INFJ seeking ESTP validation! within the ESTP Forum - The Doers forums, part of the SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators category; Originally Posted by Ziegel Fucking MLMs, a guy I once knew tried to get me involved in that crap. After ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziegel View Post
    Fucking MLMs, a guy I once knew tried to get me involved in that crap. After me realizing this "job" was just an MLM scam scheme, I instantly gave the perfumes back and resigned. Gladly I didn't lose any money, just a few hours from my life. Thought I'd be a door-to-door sales rep, but no - "scam your family and friends" - thank you, fuck off!
    The sad thing is people are dumb enough to buy into this idiotic bullshit.

    I've been scammed twice in my life. Once on Craigslist and once by a scummy mechanic who I thought was a friend and was recommended to me by another friend.

    Lost a good chunk of money there. I'm incredibly skeptical of everyone when it comes to money now, and I don't make stupid decisions like I did.

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    There's no "easy money" without any stealing and scamming being involved.

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